For any aspiring business online, writing a SEO optimized content is a must have. With more and more competition being present in the world of online business, your content must stand out in order for you to form your own audience base and increase conversions.

Of course, finding the right way to create SEO content which will increase your sales is not that easy, especially if you are new to online business and SEO techniques.

With this article, our aim is to give you some real, working advice how to write a quality SEO content which will help you attract new readers, boost your sales and thus improve your overall business performance.

Only Important Info Counts

Depending on your type of business, you will most certainly want to present all the information regarding the product or services you offer. However, all the indicators say visitors don’t read most of the content and focus only on a number of most important points.

Let’s face it, people don’t have much time to spend to analyze everything they find. At least the great majority of potential customers don’t.

Focus on the key points of the product/service you want to sell, because customers will pay attention only to the most relevant information.

The First Impression is the Last Impression

Attracting visitors can be a precarious task, especially considering the amount of content available on the internet. From this reason, you must be able to capture the attention of your visitors as soon as they land on your page. Their first impression is crucial. Just ask yourself how many times have you closed the page almost immediately after you have opened it?

You simply did not find the reason to stay. You do not want this to happen to your page, so here are few tips how to improve your page so that it captivates the visitor.

Keyword and Heading

Take your time and carefully chose the heading for your page, especially the keyword. Remember that a strong keyword is the most important thing for SEO content, as people will be able to navigate to the page according to this keyword. Also be careful to consistently use the keyword you chose throughout your page.

Call to Action

A good and effective Call to Action (CTA) is an integral part of your page and your success will depend on it. Be sure to put your CTA, together with the heading, above the fold. Make sure it is short and effective and focuses on relevant information only.

Also use bullet points to list vital information. The heading, CTA and bullet points are the three most important things on your page, as far as the first impression is concerned.

Consistent Use of Keywords

As we’ve mentioned earlier, a good use of keywords is the most important part of your SEO content strategy. Include your selling points in headlines on your page, starting with the most important selling point for your main headline and continuing with other headings and subheadings.

Be sure to include the correct keywords in your headings. This creates a bridge between search results and the content on your website.

Use Bullet Points

Bullet points are always especially advantageous for your SEO effectiveness. They present relevant information in a clear and easy-to-read manner. Use bullet points to list the services you are offering to potential customers. Bullet points generally stand out from the rest of the text and there is far more chance visitors will pay more attention to bullet points than ordinary text, which, in turn, will generatecreate readers and  create content.

Avoid Duplicate Content

SEO content should necessarily be original. You need to avoid duplicate content because of copyright issues, as well as the success of your content in search rankings. You will need to be original and come up with a unique content. Note what we said in the article introduction: your content must stand out. The best way to achieve this is being original.

Keep it Relevant

Redundant information is always to be avoided. Be consistent with the CTA you’ve put above the fold and include it throughout your content. If you are not consistent, you will be sending a confusing message to your visitors which will reflect negatively on your attempt to increase sales.

Include Images and Videos

Just a plain wall of text is not enough to captivate the attention of your visitors. Images have the advantage that they can attract visitors more easily than text. So be sure to include more than one image. Consider posting images telling visitors the advantages of the service/product you wish to sell.

The exact same goes for videos, which can prove to be even more useful than images. Put a short video explaining key aspects of your business product or service, while keeping it consistent with your CTA.

Site Loading Speed

Loading time of your site affects your conversion rates, and is also important for search engine rankings. Sites which take too long to load run the risk of losing visitors, as information show that 40% of people abandon the site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Beware of Cluttering

It has already been emphasized that only relevant information is important for better conversions and an increase in sales.

Cluttered web sites and pages indicate a bad web design and drive away visitors. Be careful to exclude excessive and unimportant information from your content.

Offer Stats and Links

Helpful stats to describe your product/service e.g. essay republic overview  are a necessary component of any credible content. They help the visitor quickly get relevant information.

It is also good to consider creating a help page with relevant links, both internal and external.

Proofread Your Content

Remove all spelling, grammar, punctuation and style errors from your content. Do a thorough proofreading. This is especially important because misspelled words and phrases can cause you problems with search results and hamper the traffic to your page. Pay attention to spell all keywords properly.

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