When it comes to managing a finance-related business website, any entrepreneur tries to take the most from the modern technologies to achieve better user experience. The variety of tools that solve business needs makes WordPress a number one choice among business owners that provide financial services.

Does your business run on it too? Be sure to check this list of WordPress plugins that can help optimize your business website and make it more attractive for the visitors.

1. Chartbeat


Creating a powerful content is only a halfway to the success of your business website. Another important factor is analyzing how the audience reacts to what you place on your platform. Apart from the number of views, it also includes monitoring the engagement time and return rate.

Chartbeat is a plugin that can help you control all the metrics mentioned above. The plugin offers real-time analytics that allows you to better understand the visitors’ behavior. With this knowledge, you will be able to make smarter decisions about what to offer to your audience in order to keep it on the website longer and encourage them to visit more pages.

2. Sucuri


Security is a number one priority for the business websites that provide financial services. Neither you nor your clients want to find out that any personal details are stolen by the hackers.

Providing safety is a sure way to make your website successful. You may trust the experience of Personal Money Service, the company that connects the customers with the providers of the short term loans and other financial services. It managed to build its reputation among websites offering finance-related options thanks to the high level of protection provided by the plugins.

Sucuri is the best protection option for the WordPress sites. It specializes in protecting the website information from hacker attacks and other kinds of possible risks. This plugin is equipped with malware cleanup, hacker blocks, site auditing capability, and many other features needed for making your website a safe place.

3. Sharebar


Social media presence can greatly increase the traffic of your website. Except for having social media company profiles, it is important to ensure that the visitors can easily share the information on their social media pages.

Sharebar is a WordPress plugin that allows the visitors to share your content on social networks. The plugin establishes the connection between the visitors’ social media and your website. Sharebar allows you to choose which social media platforms should be displayed next to your posts.

The organic sharing can improve not only your traffic but the SEO ranking as well.

4. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache

Nothing is more annoying for the user than slowly loading pages of the website. The speed is crucial when the visitor looks for the fast financial solutions that should be provided urgently. Make sure to install the plugin that guarantees the accessibility and fast speed of the site.

W3 Total Cache is the plugin that will help your website visitors experience fast and smooth navigation. It sets up caching that makes page downloading quicker and improves the server performance.

Page loading speed is a considerable part of your website success. It affects website ranking and even reputation. The reducing of download time can upgrade the SEO ratings of your website. This plugin is essential for achieving satisfying user experience and increasing return rate.

5. WP Touch

WP Touch

As most of your website visitors are likely to be smartphone users, it is important to provide the easy access to your website from mobile devices. Thus, you will not lose the part of the audience that prefers to browse the website from their phone.

WP touch is a plugin that transforms WordPress website into an app giving visitors the access to the site via a mobile application. The website content and the desktop theme will stay the same. With this plugin, your website will become mobile friendly and the search rankings will improve.

Just a Few Final Words

The website plugins listed above is the basic set that can help you to optimize and promote your business website. A few additional features are easy to install but could greatly improve the user experience. Follow the recommendations of the experienced bloggers and webmasters and consider to test them on your site.

Every webmaster starting a business website aimed to offer financial services should think about the customers’ convenience, security and positive experience. Analyze the website visitors’ behavior, ensure safe transactions, improve the loading page speed and let the users share your content on the social media via their smartphones. Of course, effective WordPress plugins are just a small step to successful online business, but a firm basis is always a win. Keep yourself up-to-date and follow the ever-changing trends in online business to gain success.

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