The Bigger Picture in Your Analytics

High bounce rate

Did you check your analytics these past few days? Have you tried every technique in reducing bounce rates in your site? If you’re running an e-commerce site, have you seen any downtimes or dips in sales?

What in the world has happened to your website?

Website Speed: The Neglected Part of the Equation

We’ve read numerous tips and techniques on Search Engine Optimization; you may have shared countless articles on how to optimize your meta tags, how to create compelling, converting content, how to manage your social media like a boss, and the list goes on!

What we often neglect in the world of renewed interest in user interaction and experience is website speed optimization. Web designers have been overloading the design of their clients, and due to the demand of unconventional user interactions, web developers are left with no choice but to load the code of the site to make things possible.

You may have the best theme for your website, you may have the oddest user interaction across the web, but all of these assets are thrown away at a click of the Close button. Why? Your site took some time to load; in a world where everyone’s demanding for information right away at their fingertips, you have been one of the slowest loading sites across the web.

How to Speed Up Your Website?

  • Understand the magic behind speed optimization. If you’re offering design and developing services, add speed optimization as another service or as a bonus. Study the concept behind speed optimization, and what the best practices are for speed optimization. Sometimes, the web design itself is too heavy to load, so some elements must be changed especially if you’re in a tight budget.
  • Choose a good web hosting service. You always get what you pay for, unless that web hosting company is aimed to deliver the best service within your budget range. Before setting up your website, this is already a good practice to follow; speed is not the only important factor in selecting a good web hosting service, but the support must be spectacular too. In order to choose the best provider, you can check out different web hosting review sites. There are review sites that actually use the provider they write about; trust that resource and you’ll never go wrong in selecting a good provider for your site.
  • Other ways on how to speed up your site. There are other ways on how to speed up your site. Large websites, especially e-commerce sites, can benefit the use of a Content Distribution Network, or CDN for speed improvements.

Still Need Convincing?

Slow Site Infographic

Did you think that big, A-list companies need not to worry about their website speed since they are already established brands? Think again.

Website speed is part of the user experience. People are expected to see the information they need within four seconds. Studies had proven the short patience of website users; and this is no far-fetched theory alone. With a fast internet connection, anything’s possible and anything is expected to be delivered within the short timeframe.

It’s not enough to get influence, to optimize for search engines, or get many links; if you don’t have any users spending time in your site, conversion rates will remain empty and bounce rates are still expected to be at a high plateau.

Must Use Tools in Website Speed Optimization

I personally recommend these tools; it may not be a mega list of tools to use but these get the job done by themselves.


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