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Quality is a whimsical attribute; it’s not easy to explain, yet as humans, we know it when we see it. Ability without action is akin to wasted potential; many web designers know how to make a custom website, yet continue to proffer clients with pre-built, cookie-cutter web templates and themes. The client, through no fault of their own, often lacks knowledge and vision, abdicating to the wisdom of web designers. Two events are simultaneously occurring: the web designer does not believe in the value of custom web development, and the client unconsciously agrees. This vicious circle of convincing businesses to remain average or safe with their web presence has birthed a paramnesia, unable to discern if client’s demanded low cost pre-built websites first or if web designers inadvertently created this conundrum.

Not All Monsters Need Pitchforks and Torches

Not All Monsters Need Pitchforks and Torches

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Web designers are the new Dr. Frankenstein, and through misinformation, the client has become their “monster”. Rather than hate or judge this collective mindset, web designers who choose to edify clients and save them from years of unintended manipulation lead from a place of confidence, sincerity and past success. It takes courage to not allow a client to settle for a boring, standard digital presence; many clients are forfeited due to budget concerns or inability to comprehend added value. One company taking a hard stance on this issue is Splendor Design Group. Adam Taylor, CEO, graduated from University of Richmond with a B.A in Studio Art. Inspired by visionaries such as Steve Jobs, Adam knew a digital presence did not have to be mutually exclusive. It could be, and should be, both beautiful and functional; storytelling and user experience predate Homer, since ancient man, where an elder tribe leader held court surrounded by a campfire.. Elon Musk cross referenced years of experience to create a multi-billion dollar company, Tesla and Space X; Adam’s knowledge base of both graphical arts, music, and real world business helped him form new neuronal connections, seeing opportunity where most others only saw expenses. A paradigm shift took hold; transforming websites from a yearly hosting expense, into a virtual, yet very real asset on the balance sheet.

Purpose Dicates Form: Website Form Follows Function

Purpose Dicates Form Website Form Follows Function

Earl Nightingale’s prolegomenon teachings were a ship must set destination before leaving the harbor, or it has little to no chance of ever reaching a set point. Without an end in mind, all principles and daily activities lose meaning, transmogrifying into busy work. Working backwards, Adam and his Splendor Design Group team envisioned what success would look like, not only for themselves, but each client who approached them for consultation. Whereas big box hosting and web design companies do not need to engage in a discovery period, Adam explicitly knew, if he did not know his customers business, there would be little hope a website, let alone digital marketing strategy could be executed properly.  For example, a national website needing brand exposure is a completely separate strategy when compared to a local baker, an ecommerce website, or author’s website. A conversion takes place when a web user (traffic) engages in a company’s desired result: phone call, email submission, social media followers, purchase, etc. There are thousands of variables and nuances to each business and industry, yet principles endure. By working backwards, Adam has been able to cut through noise and deliver tangible ROI based on client’s exact demands.

Layout: A Lawyer wouldn’t want to be seen as flashy, unless he’s Sal, whereas a lifestyle product launch of liquor would require more energy, colors and excitement. A website’s layout, graphic design and coloring affects the end users moods and feelings. Either you are moving a prospect towards your desired outcome, or you aren’t. By applying this principle, Adam helped grow a nationally recognized vodka brand, Figenza. Stock photos were replaced with high res imagery, and a content strategy was implemented to intrigue people on the endless possibilities, through a sampling list of recipes on the website. Rich media transformed vodka into an experience; one where friends and family come together over cocktails.

Marketing: Once a website looks beautiful and is converting, the next logical progression is get more end users (cold traffic) to one’s website funnel. Fads come and go, which is why solid marketers always go where their prospects dwell. Today, search engines and social media are the vehicle businesses need to leverage to reach qualified prospects. Through proven strategies, Splendor Design Group executes content strategies, technical SEO, promotional marketing on relevant channels. By going above board, marketing efforts can take months to translate into won clients and revenue, but the same logic is applied – quality and consistency over short cuts and low-hanging fruit.
The end result are campaigns which take longer to be cashflow positive, but yield higher returns in the near and long term. An onion plant is old in 9 weeks as Og Mandino stated, yet a mighty Oak requires 100 years.

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