Whilst creating an online store is pretty straightforward, driving traffic to the site, and more importantly, converting it into sales can turn into a serious obstacle for e-commerce retailers that lack tools or skills to handle savvy shoppers on a crowded market. Look through the following tips and ensure that your business in on the right track.

Top Tips for Boosting Ecommerce Performance

Move from old platforms to the newest ecommerce systems

Let’s make it clear from the start: million dollar businesses completely depend on the correct and smooth operation of the proper ecommerce platform; yet many retailers don’t recognize the huge impact of the system they use on their daily routine.

The main drawback of the old ecommerce platforms is that a number of valuable features like built-in SEO optimization or payment security is not supported by default. The newer solutions have this part covered. Besides, you’ll be amazed by how many labor-intensive processes you can bypass with the help of an upgraded platform.

Create a culture of testing

When you want to run a lucrative business you should keep up with customers’ constantly changing habits and behaviors. Of course you do A/B testing, but that’s not enough to fully evaluate your efforts. Experiment with the store’s appearance, pricing, product keywords and descriptions, promotional channels, etc. Remember, there is always room to grow. If a webstore evolves, it stays ahead of the curve.

Don’t be afraid to make changes but always test the results. Gather statistics and compare data – it will make you feel confident about your business. This way you would always know all the strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll be able to come up with the best possible development strategies.

Employ optimization systems to reduce shopping cart abandonment

Often ecommerce entrepreneurs mention high percentage of abandoned carts among the major difficulties they are facing. Nice-looking shopping cart and flawless checkout definitely can help fixing the issue. However, blind experimenting with your business is not something that you want to do. Always. Test. The changes.

Specific tools such as Yieldify, Cloud IQ or VE Interactive are designed to help you optimize your webstore and track the results of all the adjustments you’ve made.

Find suitable instruments to manage ratings and reviews

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Proper management of ratings and reviews is very important for retailers. When it comes to online shopping, consumers heavily rely on other people’s opinions. Many retailers point out that comment management becomes operose and time-consuming.

Ecommerce experts recommend using tools to handle user-generated content. Yotpo and Bazaarvoice are among the most popular and effective instruments available on the market.

These tools allow natural integration of your brand into the customers’ shopping journey. You also can derive and analyze the insights in order to improve marketing strategy, uplift the sales and conversions. If the instrument you choose supports Questions and Answers, take this opportunity to engage customers and establish a dialog with them.

Take advantage of innovative payment methods

“Buy now pay later” models are actually the future of ecommerce.  With the help of services like AfterPay and ZipMoney you can provide a picture perfect shopping experience. Consumers could buy whatever they want even if their credit card is empty at the moment. This feature increases conversions and average transaction value by far.

Providing such an opportunity on your website proves that you respect customers and understand their needs. The boost of loyalty is a cherry on this cake!

Work means talk – webstores need live chat

Nowadays many webshops are using live chats to maintain real time support rather than pushing customers to contact via phone calls. The majority of consumers would never dial your number; simply going to another site is easier for them.

Notice that about 68% of shoppers engage in live chat and 63% return to a website with chat option for repeat purchases.

Provide advanced delivery options

Online traders are well aware that getting delivery right means winning more sales. Buyers are used to ordering anywhere any time and expect to take delivery at the moment that suits them. So sellers are going out of their way to bring goods to where shoppers are, at times that work for them.

Offer as many delivery options as you can but keep it real: don’t make promises that you can’t fulfill. The latest trends in retail delivery are the following: click and commute, same day/next day delivery, and round the clock delivery.

Listen to customers’ voice

The final piece of advice for you: deliver personalized communication to consumers based on their habits interests, likes and real time behavior. Treat shoppers as your partners and friends; and you will create lifelong customer loyalty.

Hopefully these tips will help you take ecommerce enterprise one step further. What lifehacks help you stay on top? Please share them in comments!

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