Around a decade ago, content marketing was poised to become a trend. However, speculations had always found their way into conversations as to how business will thrive when their visibility will be largely driven by content. Today, it is proven that majority of a website’s content greatly relies on its blog’s content.

Today, however, the competition in the space of content marketing has increased drastically and the businesses are creating innovative ways to overcome the challenges. We have witnessed as to how the challenges of businesses have evolved from content production to content distribution and finally to content performance analysis. So, there is a palpable increase in the complexity surrounding content marketing process.

As per the trends, content marketing is a fast evolving process and 2017 will be different in many ways. So, businesses are required to gear up and build strategies not just for 2017 but beyond that as well.

The following trends are possibly going to shape 2017, which should be looked at a little bit closely:

#1. Use of Interactive Content

Use of Interactive Content

As a matter of fact every online business is trying to create as much content for its audience as possible. But to stay ahead in the race, we need to be more interesting, interactive and data-driven with our customers. Therefore, interactive content marketing is one such growing trend that is gaining widespread recognition among content marketers.

The interactive content marketing makes us more capable of sharing and engaging with the customers. It is named so because it utilizes various components of interactive engagements such as quizzes, polls, assessments, infographics, and interactive white papers. As per a research conducted by The Content Marketing Institute, around 81% marketers believed that interactive content grabs more attention as compared to static content.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that interactive content has high engagement rates.

#2. Global Need for Content Marketing

Taking content as well as content marketing beyond national and regional boundaries is on the rise. Though there are certain challenges associated with it, but it is going to yield fruitful results for the businesses.

Global Need for Content Marketing

Rebecca Lieb, a known columnist, says “there are obvious challenges and opportunities in scaling up national or regional content marketing efforts to take them worldwide.” She interviewed some of the topmost content marketing executives at global enterprises and came up with some important themes that are going to emerge in coming months:

  • Creation of a global content strategy
  • Socializing content and content strategy
  • Inclusion of people in the line of business
  • Streamlining process enabled global content
  • Role of technology to streamline and optimize

#3. Growing Requirements of Content for Mobile Users

Today, mobile devices are contributing more traffic to the internet as compared to the desktop computers. This effectively means more people are accessing content than previously. With this increasing usage of mobile devices, there are other built in features in these devices that are also growing in terms of usage.

Requirements of Content for Mobile Users

For example, customers are using voice search feature in their Smartphones to access internet. It is yet to be seen how far the voice search is going to make impact on SEO and SERP but experts seem to agree with the fact that content marketing is going to change dramatically.

The businesses are required to come up with robust strategy regarding mobile content. They should ask whether their website mobile optimized or not. Are they ready to offer option to sign up for mobile notifications?

#4. More Powerful and Relevant Web Content

Relevant Web Content

Without any doubt websites are increasingly becoming one of the most powerful marketing tools. Well-developed website content is increasingly playing a pivotal role in attracting and educating customers. It has to be thoroughly maintained and made visible so that online visitors could easily discover it. As far as present situation is concerned, the businesses have to focus on delivering valuable web content faster. Keeping in mind the interactive nature of visitors, the marketers should use the following valuable and useful tips:

  • Present a content that has variety in it
  • Try to sell your brand, not your product
  • Research your target audience and write for it
  • Always try to guide your viewers
  • Build a relationship with your customers
  • Stay focused on the quality of content

#5. Increase in the Use of Content Marketing Tools

Today, a paradigm shift has been observed as to brands and consumers are related. The consumers are armed with comprehensive information because of the convergence of online content, social media and mobile communication. Therefore, it is imperative for the marketers to manage the volume of marketing content for creation, distribution and analysis. To achieve this, there is sharp emergence of content marketing tools in order to help brand marketers to utilize their marketing strategies and tactics. Thus, the following tools are the most trusted tools today:

  • BuzzSumo for research
  • CoSchedule for organizing
  • Crazy Egg for optimization
  • ConvertPlug for email subscription
  • MailChimp for email marketing

#6. Growing Consumption of Video Content

The video has now integrated with the internet in such a manner that it has taken the internet experience to the next level. Thanks to the growing relevance of the video content, different interactive video platforms have evolved at an enormous pace.

Consumption of Video Content

For example, YouTube, Skype and SnapChat are the ones that have created a storm among customers. They are proving to be megatrends. In general terms, people tend to pay more attention to increase traffic to their videos. This is the precise reason as to why businesses are leveraging videos to put across better quality content that speaks volume for their products or services.

On the other hand, the youth is accessing a lot more video content online. So, this overall growing habit of viewing video content will start dictating where marketers should spend their money. This growing trend of video content clearly means that the businesses are in dire need to step out of their comfort zone and start creating relevant videos for their customers.

#7. User Generated Content

User Generated Content

One thing that is a crystal clear fact in the world of marketing is the genuine reviews of customers about a product or service. Honestly speaking, no one in a business entity is as good at selling its products as its customers. By observing this trend, the smart brands are stepping in at this point and taking full advantage of user generated content.

Based on a study conducted by Business Insider, the customers who get access to user generated content are 97% more likely to convert as compared to the retailers. It is probably so because there is an inherent psychology at work when people tend to avoid making wrong choices. Thus to make right choices they need social proof, which can only be obtained from the experiences of other consumers regarding a particular product or service.

So in what form does user generated content influences shoppers’ choices? Well, in majority of cases it comes in the form of social media shares, likes, reviews, comments as well as YouTube videos. Therefore in view of these growing trends, you would never get a better chance to harness user generated content for building a strong relationship with your readers.


As we observed as to how content marketing is going to influence the customers in the coming years, one fact clearly emerges here is that content is yet to see its heydays. Richer media content is the demand of the hour and the businesses have to find innovative ways to deliver it. The videos, user generated content, interactive tools, mobile users etc. all these factors are going to help content evolve into more encompassing form of strategies, which is going to create a win-win situation for businesses and consumers.

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