You start a website for your business. You hired some of the top developers and then they create your website. The layout seems decent, website looks quite professional and you also hire some content writers which provided you enough content to start a blog on your website. After the launch, everything was perfect and you start getting traffic to your website. A close to perfect dream of an entrepreneur.

After a year or so, you start noticing a sudden decline in the number of visitors you got. You probably wondered what happened there. Why everybody is leaving your website. Your analytics tool showing you a huge spike in the bounce rate of your website. Your perfect little dream turns out to be one hell of a nightmare.

To be very frank, only the smart one can recognize the exact reason for why your website is losing traffic. Why did I say that? Because They use analytics tools. Smart one always tries to be one step ahead and that is what they need to stay that way.

In this article, I am going to provide you the top five reasons for your visitor to ditch your website and suggest you avoid those mistakes that cause them. Let’s get started,

1. Your Visitor Finds it Difficult to Read your Content

Difficult to Read your Content

Here I am not asking you to fire your content writers or I am not poking your writings. Here I am talking in pure designing context. You must be aware that there are fonts which are not preferred as general fonts for the content representation. In simple words, these fonts are considered as non-readable.

Always use high contrast fonts that are readable in any form of browser and device. There are no ground rules for font usage. Yet, In my personal experience, I would prefer Helvetica, Calibri and Times New Roman for better readability.

It is preferred that you must keep the Headline text to 22 points and above while the normal text to 14 points or above.

Use of typography are also very crucial as they can leave either your visitor informed or puzzled. You need to be more subtle while selecting typography font.

Some of the examples of good typography are, United Strands, Norwegian Rain and Pelican Books.

2. Cluttered Navigation Structure

This is the most common problem of loads of websites. It must have happened with you as well. You visited a website for a piece of information and what you get was highly confusing navigation of the website. You want something and you get something else. Would you stay on that website? Of course, not, there is no reason to stay there.

Cluttered Navigation Structure

This also happens with your website if you did not arrange things in order. What is the order? Well, for that you have to do a little research about your target audience and then it will be easy for you to decide. From my side, I have a solution if you like. You can consider yourself as one of your customers and then how would you look for the information you want on your own website. This is very effective in most of the cases.

Organize your website in such way that there will be no room for any type of confusion or else your visitor will keep exiting your website.

Use of non-standard styles, generic labels, non-crawlable drop down menus, and too many items in the navigation bar. These navigational mistakes are expensive and avoidable. So, you need to keep track of that.

3. People Tend to Leave if your Website is Slow

Website is Slow

You all know Kissmetrics, right? Well, they are known for their crisp research data and data mining techniques. They have some astounding facts about the speed of a website. If a website’s speed is slow, 47 percent of the visitors leave the website before two seconds and 40 percent of visitors leave in three seconds.

Well, in first three seconds, you just lost almost 87 percent of your visitors. Just because your website took more than three seconds to load. You need to work on that.

Increasing your website’s page load speed is very crucial as the same research also stated that, each second delay decrease satisfaction rate by 16 percent. Well, that means if you’re delay by three seconds, you will lose more than half of your viewers. So, you have to work on that.

Allow me to give you some illustration of what your viewer will do if your website is slow.

  • Over 50 percent of viewer abandon your website if your website didn’t load in initial 10 seconds.
  • Apart from that, user tend to avoid your website in future as well. This can really penetrate you deeply.
  • Also, since your website is slow, the established visitors will also leave your website gradually.

4. Your Design is Outdated without a Call to Action

Whether you believe it or not just like the book are judged by the cover. Same goes with a website. Most of the people judge the website’s quality by its design and layout. I know it is quite unfortunate but that is a truth. Majority of viewers feel uneasy when the design is not right.

The design is that thing which brings trust to a visitor and if that is not right then there are no chances for your viewer to trust you. This is not it. There are also cases when I have seen a website without any Call to Action buttons and I am talking about business websites. This seems unreal right. Well, this unreal situation is falling very common. If your website doesn’t have a CTA then what is the point of the website. The viewer also gets confused as they also expect that they will need something to do in return. A website with no CTA is no website at all.

5. Too much of Ads can Deluge your Visitors

Too many ads

It is understandable if your website is running and earning because of advertisements. However, if that is not the case for you, then remove the ads instantly. If ads add a pile of revenue for your website, I want you to consider these facts;

Most of your viewers will not appreciate too many ad popups. They will get irritated if it happens continuously. If they want to see the information, let them see the information. There is no point of showing them a bunch of advertisements. You might get money from that but that will not pertain forever. Just think, what is the point of an advertisement if there is no one to watch it. So, keep them limited and on the sidebars. I would say not to use any popup advertisements.

Too much advertisement will make your website look like this,

Constantly blocking the important content can cost you very expensive. So, be carefull with the usage of popup ads.

Wrapping up

So, fellas, these are the top five mistakes that can take over your website’s viewer and then make you lose them. Let’s again have a look on these five pointers to make sure that you get it.

Your Visitor Finds it Difficult to Read your Content

  • Cluttered Navigation Structure
  • People Tend to Leave if your Website is Slow
  • Your Design is Outdated without a Call to Action
  • Too much of Ads can Deluge your Visitors

So, how you like my views on this topic? Please share a feedback. If you have any information about these things, I would love to hear from you. Use comment section and I promise I will get back to you. Till then have a good one.

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