RedWaves Lite Documentation


If you don’t know how to install a WordPress theme please read: How to install WordPress theme?

Migrating From Another Theme

If you are migration from a theme that supports native WordPress featured images functionality please read: Migrating From Another WP Theme.

Installing Demo Content

  1. Download this Demo Content XML file (Extract first).
  2. Go to Tools=> Import.
  3. If WordPress Importer plugin is not already installed, then it will ask you to install it.
  4. Click WordPress.
  5. Choose the downloaded file and click Upload file and import.
  6. Check Download and import file attachments (Optional).
  7. Click Submit.

How to create new menu?

Create new menu in WP

  1. Go to Appearance.
  2. Go to Menus.
  3. Choose a name for your menu.
  4. Click Create Menu.
  5. To add a menu item, you can easily select one of your already made pages on the left hand side and click Add to Menu.
  6. You can also add menu items by entering a custom name and custom link into the Custom Links box.

RedWaves support 2 menu locations; the Primary Menu, which is located at the top of the theme underneath the logo, and the Mobile Menu, which will be visible only on small screen devices.WP assign menuYou must ensure that the 2 check-boxes for Primary Menu and Mobile Menu are set for your navigation menu.

Theme Options

Header Logo & Favicon

redwaves custom favicon

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Site Title & Tagline.
  2. Click on Change Image to remove current logo and upload your own logo (90px height Recommended)

How to set a custom favicon?

redwaves custom logo

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Customize > General Settings.
  2. Click on Change Image to remove your current favicon and upload your own favicon (Recommended size: 32×32)

Content Settings

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Archives Settings.
  2. Choose the second option from the Display settings.

How to set custom excerpt length?

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Archives Settings.
  2. Enter in “Excerpt Length” text-field you preferred excerpt length (in Words, max is 500, min is 5)

By default, the theme shows 4 related articles (if found) below every article content. To change the number of related posts to be shown follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Article Settings.
  2. Enter in the text-field you desired number of related posts.

By default, the theme query the related posts based on current post tags. If you want to query them based on post’s category, you can change it from the settings located here:

  1. Appearance > Customize > Article Settings > Related Posts Query.
  1. Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Copyright Text.
  2. Enter any Html text in the text-field and it will be displayed in the footer’s left area.

Design & Layout

How to change sidebar position?

redwaves sidebar position

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Design & Layout.
  2. You have 3 options to choose from: Right Sidebar, Left Sidebar or No Sidebar.

How to custom background?

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Design & Layout.
  2. Tick “Custom image” from the Background Settings and then use the form to upload your custom background. Alternatively, you can choose a pattern from 40 pre-exist patterns or for better performance, you can choose any color instead.

Ads Settings

Where to put my ad code?

RedWaves make it easier for you to place an ad in the header area. Besides, the ad size will automatically adapt to the page layout (that’s why we call RedWaves a responsive theme!)

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Widgets.
  2. Add a Text widget to Header Widget-area.
  3. Put you ad code in the text area and then save, just like the example below. Your ad code can be a simple html image or even a Javascript code.

Note: If you are using Google’s Adsense. please use responsive ad units, they will automatically adapt to the page layout.