Getting Started

In this chapter, we will see how to install recommended and required plugins and import demo content.

Activating Your Theme

When you purchase RedWaves from, you will receive a unique license key alongside the theme installation file and additional files if available. You need to use this license key to activate your copy of RedWaves to receive automatic update. For now, the license key is only required to receive automatic updates so you don’t have to continually check Themient to see if there is an update available for your theme.

To activate RedWaves, simply go to RedWaves > Theme License, enter your license key in the available text box then click Save Changes. If your key is valid, a new button “Activate License” will appear. Just click this button and your theme will be activated on this specific website. Remember that your license key Never Expires so don’t worry if you get an expiration date. It is just a tiny bug.

Alternatively, you can do the same thing remotely from your account at So feel free to choose which method you want to use.

Installing Plugins

Out of the box, RedWaves will work just fine without any plugins. But in order to be able to customize the theme, you will need to have Redux Framework plugin installed.

Also, you might want to install other few plugins to make the most out of RedWaves.

To start installing the plugins, click Begin installing plugins link on the notice that will appear at the top of the page.

Now, check which plugins you want to install, select Install from the upper dropdown menu then click Apply.

You don’t have to select all the listed plugins. Only select those that you want to use (or planning to). Just keep in mind, that when importing demo content as we will see later in this chapter, contents related to other plugins, will not be imported unless their respective plugins are installed and activated. For example; to import Projects and project categories, you need to have the TT Portfolio plugin installed. To import VC templates, you need to have Visual Composer (aka WPBakery Page Builder) installed and activated..etc.

Importing Demo Content (Optional)

In this section, we will see how to import demo content that appear on RedWaves’ demo sites.

Before going any further, please do not try this on a production website. Demo sites content are mainly dummy “Lorem Ipsum” text that makes no sense and the last thing you would want is to end up with tons of dummy posts added to your production website (even worse, you forget about them and they get indexed by search engines).

To import demo content, from your admin dashboard, go to RedWaves > Import Demo.

Now, click Import on any demo site of your choice and the import process will be initiated. This should only take few seconds (literally).

Make sure you have the One Click Demo Import plugin installed and activated on your website. Our demo import feature totally depends on it.

Once the import process is finished, your site will look almost identical to the chosen demo site. And by almost I mean that the following will NOT be imported:

  • Images that appear on the demo site, including logos, favicons, background images, galleries..etc. Why? You may ask. Because images some server heavy work and usually this will trigger the famous “Maximum Execution Time Exceeded” PHP fatal error on your website.
  • RedWaves: Latest Tweets widget and any other widget that require the use of access tokens security keys.
  • Image widget because no images will be imported, as previously explained.
  • Menus colored tags, icons or any other menu attribute defined by RedWaves.

But you still get a lot of things imported, including widgets, menus, theme options, meta info…etc. The theme will even assign menus to their locations and sets home page and posts page for you.