Realistic Documentation


If you don’t know how to install a WordPress theme please read: How to install WordPress theme?

Migrating From Another Theme

If you are migration from a theme that supports native WordPress featured images functionality please read: Migrating From Another WP Theme.

How to create new menu?

Create new menu in WP

  1. Go to Appearance.
  2. Go to Menus.
  3. Choose a name for your menu.
  4. Click Create Menu.
  5. To add a menu item, you can easily select one of your already made pages on the left hand side and click Add to Menu.
  6. You can also add menu items by entering a custom name and custom link into the Custom Links box.

Menu Locations:

Realistic support 2 menu locations; the Primary Menu, which is located at the top of the theme underneath the logo, and the Mobile Menu, which will be visible only on small screen devices.WP assign menuYou must ensure that the 2 check-boxes for Primary Menu and Mobile Menu are set for your navigation menu.