Using the Widget

Arkam Lite comes with a widget and a shortcode.

To display the widget on your sidebar, go to Appearance > Widgets

Drag & drop Arkam Lite: Social Counters widget to your sidebar

The widget comes with few styling options for you to tweak;

Arkam Lite widget

Layout – This options controls the way in which the buttons will be arranged or laid out. It accepts: Grid, Mosaic or Block.

Spacing – This option controls the gap that will be left between the buttons. It accepts; 0 Pixels, 1 Pixel, 2 Pixels, 3 Pixels, 4 Pixels or 5 Pixels.

Size – This option is very obvious, it controls how small or how big the buttons will be. It accepts; Small, Medium or Large.

Color Scheme – This option controls the buttons’ color scheme. It accepts; Light, Dark or Colored.

Arkam Lite widget