In 2019, more people than ever are working online every single day. From businesses making the use of cloud sharing platforms for the increased productivity of their companies, to an increasing number of jobs on the market now relying on people working from their home offices, the internet really is the future of entrepreneurial spirit.

However, with this increased move to the online platforms, there has also been a sharp increase in the amount of criminal activity online, namely hackers who are trying to get into secure business and personal data for monetary gain.

To help you combat this new threat in your professional life, this handy guide has been put together to identify the ways you can step up your cybersecurity this year and protect your money, work, and data from online thieves.

Back to the Basics: Making Secure Passwords

You need to learn how to create safe passwords for your business, and this begins with the golden rule of never using the same password twice. If, as has been seen previously with Yahoo and Google, there is a password leak, a hacker could simply take your email password and try to use it on different accounts. If you use the same password for everything then, you guessed it, you will be hacked.

Make sure your passwords are impersonal, include a range of characters, and are changed once a year.

The Best Defense on the Market: Endpoint Security

Now, when it comes to software that is going to step up your cyber security games, you can’t do better than endpoint protection.

If you haven’t heard of endpoint security before, essentially, it is a type of anti-virus software that has advanced from the traditional building blocks of antivirus software to adapt to the changing landscape of working on the internet.

Endpoint security/ protection is often known as the first line of defense against hacking because of its unique ability to tackle problems before they happen through advanced methods of identifying threats.

When it comes to your security online, there is nothing to be gained from taking risks. By using strong and varied passwords, coupled with investing in quality software, such as endpoint protection, your business, and your data will be safe from hackers.

Encrypt Your Data for Extra Protection

Encrypt Your Data for Extra Protection

If you have never encrypted your business data before, then start off strong by reading through a guide to computer encryption that will give you the basics of how to go through this process.

Encryption is a digital form of cryptography, which uses mathematical algorithms to scramble messages, leaving only individuals who possess the sender’s cipher or key able to decode the message. Without encryption, a talented hacker has ways of accessing your personal and sensitive data without the need of passwords or login details, but encryption means there is no way they can get that information in an understandable form, keeping your data safe.

Keeping on top of cybersecurity should always be a primary concern. Through endpoint security, data encryption and secure passwords, you can easily help to prevent threats affecting your business this year.

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