I will reveal today a very simple method with only using 2 free tools online: incognito browser(Chrome)/private Windows(Firefox) or your favorite cacheless browser and alexa.com.

First of all, you will need your keyword, i will take an example grosir baju anak ( English: wholesale kids apparel ). Let us just choose this keyword in English. Let’s dig a little deeper into that keyword, are they buying keyword? If my site in #1 in google search organic, whether we will get a conversion?

Open your cacheless browser, i will use incognito Chrome browser. And just go to google.com type in wholesale kids apparel. I will place my screenshot bellow and show you

Google’s Golden Triangle


The golden triangle clearly seen in this screenshot, is a triangle-shaped viewing pattern that reaches out from the top to left of the search results page. The golden triangle includes the top three organic search results. Mediative Performance LP (formerly Enquiro Search Solution Inc.) believes that user ‘eyeball-scanning’ drops off dramatically after this, with only 50 percent of users moving on to the second page of search results. It seems like the Bermuda Triangle

Note this 3 website and go to Alexa, type in those domains in search bar, press find button and look for ‘top keywords from search engine’ result.

Result for cndirect:

Keyword Percent of Search Traffic
  1.  cndirect 35.56%
  2.  $0.01 15.19%
  3.  cheap kids clothes 6.02%
  4.  cheap clothes 5.56%
  5.  cheap clothes from china 2.90%

Result for kiddiesworld:

Keyword Percent of Search Traffic
  1.  minoti 84.60%
  2.  kiddies clothes 9.37%
  3.  children’s clothing 0.70%
  4.  children’s worldly clothing 0.69%
  5.  soft touch kids clothes 0.56%

Result for wholesalecentral:

Keyword Percent of Search Traffic
  1.  dropshippers 8.06%
  2.  kole imports 6.71%
  3.  dropshippers directory 6.68%
  4.  deals 2 sell online 6.30%
  5.  dropshippers usa 6.15%

So from this 3 websites you will have more keyword, in this case i will take: cheap kids clothes, cheap clothes, kiddies clothes. I will repeat the first step with google.com in my incognito browser, and will see the result again with alexa, until i decided which buying keyword i will take for my domain name or optimizing my domain.

Do you understand the whole process? Any question? Do you have simpler method than this? Comments see expected… thank you for reading and have fun with it…

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