SEO and Marketing Benefits of A Business Blog

When it comes to digital marketing, blogging is the industry’s bread and butter. It’s become so popular recently because it has tons of benefits and anybody can do it. With access to free and cheap website design software, blogging is become easier by the day.

Smartly using a blog can make a huge difference for a business. If you are willing to sink in the time and effort, your simple blog can even double your web traffic and customers. Blogging has two main categories of benefits, being related to SEO and marketing.

SEO Benefits

Blogging brings a lot of SEO advantages to your site. While we don’t know exactly what search engines look for when ranking pages, we do have a fair understanding of how each search engine generally works. Blogging is a great tool to make your site more appealing to Google and other search engines by giving them exactly what they want in a site.

Google Rewards New Content

Regularly creating content and updating your site is a habit that Google loves. Updating your site shows that your business is constantly growing and actively providing new content to viewers. As it crawls the web and sees you’ve added content, they’ll update their rankings and revise their opinions of your site.

If you produce high quality content on a regular basis, Google will make plans to crawl your site more often, which means their algorithms will get a better sense of what your site is all about and you’ll rank better for relevant searches.

More Inbound Links

People link to relevant resources and helpful information, especially if the content is great. Producing lots of high quality and original content on your blog gives writers great resources to link to. The more links you have pointing to your site, including your blog, the more Google will trust your site. In fact, links pointing to your site is one of the biggest influencers for page rankings and are how search engines crawl the web.

Become An Expert

Google recognizes and rewards original, well thought out, helpful content. If your blog answers a popular question well, or easily explains a complicated concept, Google will want to help searchers find it. As you create more content, Google will view you more as a trusted information source and will boost your rankings, helping readers find you.

Marketing Benefits

All of these SEO benefits help sustain your business’ marketing efforts, but others stem directly from how consumers view your site. While the benefits of SEO are very technical, your blog can directly influence your visitors. Here are more benefits to running a great blog.

More Traffic

As a direct result of your blog, you’ll start getting more traffic from your site. This is, in part,  because of your increased rankings on search engines. But that’s not all. People don’t normally share a website’s homepage or contact page, but they will share articles/infographics/content. More traffic means more people are looking at your site, which leads to…

More Leads and Customers

According to Hubspot, 79% of businesses who blog report a positive ROI on their inbound marketing. That means they are making sales, getting customers and making money. A blog helps attract these customers, convert them to leads, and help close them as customers.

Create Conversations

Properly done, a blog sparks conversation and interactions between a business and their target market. Consumers have the opportunity to read your thoughts and comment back. This can be in the form of blog comments, social media posts or even contacting you directly. Also, if you get a lot of questions from customers, you can use your blog to directly answer them with in depth posts for all to see, because other customers probably have the same questions.

A blog also helps transform a faceless business into real people, with thoughts, opinions, and personality. As viewers read your articles, they will feel more comfortable with you and you’ll begin to build trust. This is important when it comes time to make a purchase.

Cost Effective and Always Working

One major obstacle in marketing is that, often, your work is only effective as long as you are paying for it. With any type of advertising, from radio commercials to Google Adwords, you only see results when you are paying money. If you stop paying, those leads and customers stop coming in.

Blogging, on the other hand, is extremely cost effective and only costs you the time it takes to write it up. Then, you host it on your website and you’re done! Unlike other marketing methods, you’ll never have to pay for it again and it will always work to attract new viewers.

Creating A Marketing Plan with Blogging In Mind

To maximize on your blog’s potential, it needs to be a highlight in your marketing plan and become a part of your routine. The more often you blog, the more likely you will gain customers from it.

As you plan out your blogging schedule, also understand that high quality content what you want, so you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Longer, more in depth and well written articles perform much better than shorter, poorly produced one. As you plan out your blog, give yourself plenty of time to make great content and establish a habit of when you post the blog. To get the most from your blog while not getting overwhelmed, start with blogging once a week and adjust from there.

To get the most from your blog posts, you need to have a clear goal for your consumers. Articles should be related to your other marketing campaigns and push consumers towards the end goal of purchasing your product. This includes have relevant calls to action at the end of each post, which should encourage readers down your marketing funnel and towards your end goal.

Do you have any questions about creating a blog for your business? Do you currently have a blog and have a success story to share? What is the biggest obstacle for you to manage a blog? Have some other insights you want to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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