SEO Best Practices: Off Page SEO Checklist For 2016

Whenever you heard that term OFF page SEO you definitely think about social media engagement, Link Building, social bookmarking, images and Videos sharing that entire staff to promote websites.

However, the main motive for OFF page SEO is to improve ranking, proper linking, honored mention on social media, good traffic and revenue.

So, when you are trying to rank up your website in search engines. It’s important that you work hard for OFF page SEO as well you work hard for ON page SEO.

However, you already know about OFF page SEO. You also know the elements of it. Not only that you may also know the work about the work process of it.

So how this blog is going to help you? I would have the same question if I were in place.

Well, here is the Answer “Practices”. Yeah! you read it right. There are some best practices for OFF page SEO, which can make your OFF page SEO more effective and successful. I have seen lots of people following a big “To-do” list for OFF page SEO. But I believe that having a checklist is more effective than a “To-do” list.

Because of that, I am going to share a simple blog post “OFF page SEO checklist: The best practice for 2016” to make your off page SEO more effective.

#1 Social media Engagement

Social media engagement means the engagement on social media sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter Etc. It generates traffic directly to your website.

Social media sites are the best platform to introduce your website. And to utilize that platform properly there are some best practices and that is:

  • Involve with the relevant groups
  • Response to negative and positive comments or posts
  • Ask relevant questions and always answer the Questions.
  • Engage influencers, keep a friendly attitude with everyone
  • Be friendly and sometimes funny.
  • Create Groups and use the feature from social media sites
  • If needed use automation tools for social media marketing to ensure your presence all the time. You can check out a very effective social media automation tools from this post.

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#2 Forum Engagement

There are a lot of community online forums. Find that online forum that relates to your sites niche and gets involves within them.

Moreover, this will inform relevant group of people about your website. Forum posting sites like flickr,, can help a lot for your OFF page SEO.

Here are some best practices for Forum posting….

  • Answering people questions , offer them advice and ask specific question to them
  • Involve with all the member of the forum
  • Being proactive and relevant
  • Most important ,try to use “Do-follow” forums so that you can submit your link along with a signature and that will help search engines crawl your website

#3 Directory Submission

Directory Submission is a process of off page SEO. Lots of people do believe that directory submission is not that important for search engine optimization. But for new websites, it’s important to maximize your effort.

Besides that, you definitely want to take all the changes to rank your website in any search engine. You can check out the list of directory submission sites list from here. Here are the best practices for directory submission-

  • Always do track your Submission
  • Always Check the page rank
  • Do Realize that you get what you pay for
  • Find the best directories and then submit
  • Check SEO friendliness before submitting

#4 Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is one the great platforms to promote websites. Social Bookmarking sites like Reddit, Stumbleupon, and Digg etc. are very much like by search engines because these types of sites update very frequently.

Moreover, you can check 50+ Social bookmarking sites: importance of user generated tags, Votes and links.

Here are some best practices for social bookmarking.

  • Be friend, invite and follow the power users but be careful about being a pest to them.
  • Enough time should be arranged for better response
  • Always try to post the best piece of content on a scheduled basis.
  • Always response to the comments or the posts.

5# Image Sharing

Image sharing is another website promotion platform. Photo sharing sites like Flickr, Pinterest and photo bucket etc. will help people to gain very effective information about your website. People can see them and do comment as well.

  • Share relevant photos with your website link
  • The photo should be educative and easy to understand
  • Create your own Image for your website

#6 Video Sharing

Nowadays for OFF page SEO video sharing are one the most Competitive sector besides social media marketing. Sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion are always helpful to promote a website.

Nowadays we can see lots of videos on every social media sites and or people are adding videos on their websites about their products and services. Cause, now people don’t have time to read a blog or content.

People want to save time and by saving time they want to learn the same things. Videos make things easier attractive and more time consuming.

Here are some best practices that you must do for video sharing-

  • Make videos with graph and informative images.
  • Don’t make the video too long. If the topic is not cover in one video then make a segment or part of it.
  • Make it shareable. it means to give an option to viewers to share that via twitter, facebook, Google+ Etc
  • Use music and voice covers and besides that use simple and understandable language or accent
  • Besides that try to share videos on social sites like facebook, Google+, Twitter and also add some videos on your content.

#7  Article Submission

If there is an article on your website then it’s best to post that article on article submission sites. That will bring more visitors to your website and help you to promote your website.

Article Submission Sites like Ezine, Go Articles and newsvine etc are most popular for Article Submission. Or you can check the list from here.

Here are some best practices for article submission:

  • Post good quality content on the sites so that people feel interested about your article.
  • Never sound like sally.
  • Don’t submit off topic article for attention.
  • Only submit with trusted sites.

#8 Blog Commenting

Blog comment is one of technique to highlight website to search engine. It is also one most sensitive part of OFF PAGE SEO anything spammy will penalize the website.

Moreover, blog comment creates brand awareness, generate direct traffic and also help you to search ranking you can check out this post of “Recommendations for Blog Commenting as a Marketing Strategy”

Here are the best practices for blog Commenting:

  • Insightful comment which is absolute relevant with the post
  • For blog commenting it’s referred to as “Do-Follow” blogs.
  • Always be Consistent , but always read first then comment
  • Don’t comment for link , Don’t use anchor text in comment
  • Don’t use any kind of fake name, don’t use any kind of automated comment tool try to comment something different.

#9 Blogging

By blogging, you can keep the visitor consistent. Good quality of content gives the visitor a reason to come back again to your website. It also gives the search engine a reason to crawl your website more frequently.

Moreover, for blogging is now a very effective factor for search engine ranking. But maximum time blogger does mistakes like duplicate content, leaving title tag automated.

Besides that, here are some best practices for blogging:

  • Keep the blog always learnable. People must get knowledge from your blog
  • Always show your Expertise
  • Keep your blog themed and professional
  • Make sure that your blog information worth time
  • Consistence in published post dates and times.

#10 Press Releases

Lots of people think the press release is dead for OFF page SEO. Besides that, people also think the press release is mainly used for news of Major Company. But press release also can be used for OFF page SEO and also for website ranking or for website discover.

Nowadays, press release is not that much effective factor for OFF page SEO. But when you are trying to maximize your effort it’s to take all options.

Besides that, you can lead your own particular research or studies to put your one of kind discoveries out into the ether and pull in the eye of journalists who are hunting the wires down an interesting story. That helps to generate traffic to your website.

The best practices for press release:

  • Use quotes Wisely.
  • Attractive and grabbing headline.
  • Always use images which are eye catching.
  • Use statics, be professional and proofread.

#11 Link Exchange

To improve your rank in search engine proper linking is one of the most important factors for OFF page SEO. Google has never said anything negative about legitimate link exchange.

Moreover, Link exchange commonly termed as Thematic Link Exchange that can help increase link the popularity of your website. Which is a major factor of Google pageRank algorithm.

Besides that, Guest blogging on each other’s informative blogs is known to be enriching and beneficial. Here is some best practice for link exchange:

  • Always find the legitimate websites to exchange links.
  • Always link with the reputed website.
  • Don’t exchange with any no follow links.
  • Always try to link with relevant websites.
  • Beware of Black-hat SEO while exchanging.

#12 Do Questions and Answers

The one of the most important thing in OFF page SEO is asking the relevant question and answering to your website niche. This will help you to get more traffic and also to build up a reputation.

Question Answer sites like Yahoo Answers, Answer bag, Cha-Cha, Quora etc. Besides that if you are not spamming then it’s a great way to make your link more acceptable and renowned.

Here are some best practices for:

  • Find out the related question answer sites which relate to your business.
  • Try to give a clear answer to questions.
  • Give your website link to bring more traffic to your website.
  • Asking relevant question and giving relevant answer.

#13 Link Baiting

Link baiting is one of the most crucial tactics of the larger concept of “link building”. Basically, link baiting is one of the most important ways to promote websites. The more you get links to your website, the more search engine crawls to your website.

However, this is one of the most important factors for OFF page SEO. If you create a mind blowing unique Content for your website then other people might want to link up with you. But if you re-write content for your website always mentions website links as references. If you do that for other websites, other websites might do that for you also.

You can check out the link baiting techniques for SEO and Social media from here.

Bonus Tip

There are many tools that will help you to follow the above checklist smoothly. Tools like Ahrefs, majestic, buzzsteam, seotoolsforexcel and Backlink Watch etc. are very helpful for off page optimization.

To know more about SEO tools you may also have a look through the article Best SEO tools for 2016 recommended by industry Experts including Rand Fishkin, Neil Patel , Lisa Buyer and Erik Emanuelli.

Final Thought

Off page activities play a major role to drive traffic and increase rankings. By following this off page SEO checklist you can surely improve the online presence of a website.
Please share this, if you think that was helpful to you 🙂

Jabed Hasan

Content Marketing Manager at Mountnow. He is passionate about writing and love to write on SEO, CRO, Growth Hacking and Online Marketing Strategies.

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