With a total of 433 million users as of April 2016, LinkedIn is now surpassing other platforms as the primary social outlet for businesses. Further, nine out of ten recruiters would prefer using LinkedIn in finding eligible job candidates to work for their respective firms.

If you have any interest in enhancing your brand in the wide B2B space, maximizing your LinkedIn profile’s visibility will be completely necessary.

What makes it even more critical for your profile to stand out is the fact that more than half of B2B companies are catching customers through LinkedIn.

Also, with all the major digital and social platforms currently warring to be on the top spot, LinkedIn is seen to be the most B2B-centric. According to ‘The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide To LinkedIn,’ half of all users are most likely to buy from an enterprise or company they engage with through this platform.

Now, there’s no way to be left behind. You have to think of several viable ways to keep up with competition and one great way to make your LinkedIn profile survive is by employing strategic SEO tactics to it.

To help you, below are few wise wiles to get your profile ranking on the biggest online professional network.

Brand Your Personal URL

The Science of LinkedIn SEO

You have to change your URL from dynamic to static. Dynamic URLs are those with long ID numbers and with random characters. This type of URL is harder to index thus by changing your URL structure, you can positively influence your profile ranking.

Play With keywords

Ensure that your Job Title has the proper keywords that users will likely to enter in searching for the kinds of services you offer. Let’s say, for example, you’re an expert in SEO, then make it certain that the phrase “Search Engine Optimization” must appear in your job title.

The Science of LinkedIn SEO

Also, have the keywords you used in your job title appear throughout your profile. If you used “Search Engine Optimization Expert”, you may put this phrase or variations of this phrase in the Summary section or even on the Job History section.

Think About The Backlinks

You may begin by linking your own blog to your profile page. That is critically helpful especially if your blog is on a domain with high authority. Also, use various opportunities to link to your profile page when doing some guest posts to other blog owners. This is isn’t going to be that hard as most blog owners would allow you to put social profile links in the author bio.

Publish Posts

You can also have the freedom to apply content marketing to your LinkedIn profile by publishing quality posts that are relevant to your niche.

It would be good to remember that LinkedIn is also an ideal medium to re-purpose some contents.  If you have had great posts on your blog that is buried on page 20 but still offers a relevant insight, you can include a synopsis of that post and have posted on your LinkedIn profile then link back to it.

However, remember to avoid duplicating content between your LinkedIn profile and your own blog. We all know that Google is extremely sensitive to that; you just can’t publish identical posts in two or more places.

Complete Your Profile At All Cost

Offer people the best possible reasons to find you. You will be able to do that by completing your profile. Have your work history completed, list certifications and education and secure some endorsements and recommendations. Make sure to take the time to ensure everything is filled out and completed.

How To Get Your Profile Ranking

Optimize Photos

Google searches for images just like the way it searches contents. The best thing to do is have the photos in your profile optimized.

How To Get Your Profile Ranking

Example, instead of having your profile photo with your name, have it labeled with your job description (e.g. as an alternative to ‘Cara Scott’, you can have ‘Search Engine Optimization Expert’). Technically, people who look at your profile aren’t going to see it but the search engine will.

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