Search engine optimization is a field that requires continuous strategizing to stay in the game. With every update Google adds to its search engine, the focus moves towards delivering relevant and reliable content to the customer rather than falling prey to cheap tricks employed by webmasters to get better rankings.

The future is the web with people biased content and not search engine based one. People are willing to explore new search engines and try innovative ones like Bing. Hence the need to develop new and robust SEO strategies to keep in trend with the future of search engines and customer requirements.

In this article, let us see a few tactics that would give you an edge in the competition and benefit your online store in the long run.

Strategies for Backlinks

Nowadays, the SEO of our site is not greatly affected by backlinks. Buying links from other sources is no longer a worthy trick. The new mantra is about quality links and not quantity.

Competitor backlink analysis is another simple yet effective e-commerce tactic to consider. You just have to analyze your competitors’ backlinks and try and emulate them.

By doing so, you can decipher patterns, problems and prospects from the links they have already built. You can make use of tools like Moz’s Open Site Explorer. They will extract all the backlinks built into your competitors’ website.

Competitor backlink analysis will give you an idea of how webmasters in your niche are building their backlinks which will help you formulate a strategy and save time.

The Future is Mobile

The Future is Mobile

Smartphone internet usage is on the verge of exceeding computer users. With advancements in mobile technology, the need for desktops to buy and sell products has become almost obsolete. A survey shows that an average user spends a minimum of 90 minutes on a smartphone. So it is safe to say that mobile is the future of eCommerce. But that being said, user experience plays an important role in conversion rates.

An attractive website gives you more chances of making a sale. A mobile friendly website is the one that is responsive to all display sizes. There are various website builders available that can make your job easier in setting up an top notch website. It has loads of customization options which are rated among the best.

If you are willing to go a step further, it is time to include a recording button for search assistants like Siri, Google Now and Cortana. People may prefer speaking to voice assistants than typing. It is a future strategy like no other and important business aspect that small websites can target.

Featured Snippets

A featured snippet is a well-composed summary of the answer to the customer’s question or query on the search bar, displayed as the first result in the search result page.

It greatly improves the appearance of your search result thereby increasing your store’s brand value. As a bonus, you also tend to appear as the first two search results.

Featured snippets go well with voice searches. Employing it in your site is fairly easy. Identify frequently asked questions related to your content or product and provide a clear answer for it. Tag it with Google search. Add some graphs, images etc. Keyword research is very important while preparing snippets.

It is definitely a tactic worth trying.

Migrate to HTTPS

Migrate to HTTPS

Privacy on the internet for many users was a luxury. But now, with many reports leaking about how companies are collecting user data in the pretext of security or for advertising purposes, people have become weary. Added to this is the need to make online transactions. To address this, many websites have already shifted to https. It’s time you did too. A reliable web page always bodes well for SEO too.

Create Linkable Assets

It is a link to content that is searched popularly by the people in your niche.

Building links is an important aspect of SEO and building linkable assets is, without doubt, a valuable SEO tactic as far in the future as imaginable.

Let us look at one of the important forms of linkable assets, content. In addition to being an SEO breeding spot, content relevant to your niche or product can effectively be used to build quality links worth sharing. Keeping it close to your products will make it more relevant. Your content should have a catch that demands attention. It may be something that demands an emotional response or is geographically related so as to attract the interest of the customer to respond.

A basic idea will be to write an eBook on data from your industry, budget, trends etc. Keep it unique and share worthy as the ultimate aim is to get a huge number of shares.

Community Engagement

It is an elaborate tactic of creating awareness about your brand in the same breath projecting yourself as an expert in your field. This will let you understand more about your customers, their preferences and interests. You just need to be involved in the conversations.

You can search on discussion forums and sites like Quora for questions related to your product and engage in the conversation to apply your tactic.

As a bonus, you can learn from the customer’s queries to create attractive content for your own site. This will make you look like an expert in the field and also increase traffic to your site.

Have a Strong Presence in Social Media

The world is on social media. There is not much that goes without attention on this platform. Having a strong social following is very important for brands. It helps to post your products on Facebook, Twitter etc. and generate likes and shares. You can also communicate with potential customers and get valuable feedback by doing next to nothing.

Wrap Up

There are many tactics to increase the growth of your online store, but only a few have proven useful and a few have been blacklisted. It is up to you to choose a path and stand to it. The above few tips are guaranteed future proof strategies and I hope they bring you all the sales you need.

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