Reinvention is a key part of a dental surgeon’s role: making cosmetic improvements, building confidence, reducing health risks, and advancing new marketing ideas are fundamental parts of maintaining a successful dental practice. While tried and trusted marketing strategies may have worked in the beginning, it’s time for a new approach to stay ahead of the game. This means developing the right angle, which is why choosing someone with knowhow and experience should be top of the agenda.

Reclamation of the Digital Space – Take Back What’s Yours

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If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur. – Red Adair

Charles Crawford and Michael O’Brien, creators and owners of the Crawford and O’Brien digital marketing agency, have developed cutting-edge, principle based strategies, not only to help dentists increase their targeted traffic, but also to transform website visitors into regular clients. Their deep domain expertise in the area of dentistry developed out of necessity- the mother of all invention.

It all began when the young entrepreneurs realized Charles’ father Pat had run into a brick wall when it came to marketing his dental practice. His website was adrift in the search engine rankings, the phone wasn’t ringing and his annual marketing budget had sunk. Determined to use their Internet marketing talents to reinvent Pat’s dentistry practice, Charles and Michael determined to get results. In just one month, Dr. Crawford’s practice saw a dramatic increase in both revenue and new patients. What’s more, this wasn’t just a flash in the pan, a nepotistic fluke, as it was replicated over years, culminating in dozens of successful case studies and client testimonials.. All these years later, Pat’s practice continues to thrive, with 15-20 new clients each month, top Google rankings, and 5 star reviews from appreciative patients.

Word of Crawford and O’Brien’s success spread like wildfire. Soon they were flooded with requests for help from struggling dentists. Knowing they could guarantee a fail-safe solution, not empty-promises, the agency boldly stood by its 100% client success guarantee. This was the beginning of Crawford and O’Brien digital marketing, a company focused on providing lasting resolutions to help dental practices reinvent their Internet image, draw specific target audience groups and convert new clients. One of the ways they implement this is by addressing a patient demographic with a growing, albeit reluctant need, for quality and caring dental practices: those who suffer from dental anxiety and phobia.

Taking the Fear Away from Dental-Phobic Patients

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Between 9 and 20 percent of adults in the U.S. avoid going to the dentist because they suffer from anxiety or phobia of dental practices and procedures. These fears are very real, and very debilitating. They are also taking away a significant slice of business. Crawford and O’Brien have successfully used dental practice reinvention to combat this challenge. How? For most dental-phobic patients, it’s the fear of pain and vulnerability that keeps them from showing up for an appointment unless they’re in unbearable pain. Practitioners know dental procedures are not nearly as painful nowadays as they once were. Now there are more ways to help make the clinical experience as comfortable as possible. For many patients, their fear stems from previous unpleasant or painful experiences with dental procedures. Sometimes they may have occurred years ago. Education is crucial to eliminating odontophobia. When dentists learn new ways to make their practices less intimidating and more welcoming, patients feel more inclined to come for treatment.

Handing Control to the Patient

Every dental practice should provide compassionate caring dental services for all patients. Helping the patient feel in control of their dental care is a great step in attracting new ones, particularly those who are anxious or phobic. Other key aspects include, offering pre-treatment consultations, emphasizing professionalism, using distraction techniques and utilizing latest technology innovations. All of these features and benefits should be articulated via proper marketing channels. The dentist practice who fails to build trust, rapport and credibility, will always lose new clients to the competition. By focusing on visual design, conversion rates, technical SEO, and promotional public relations, Crawford and O’Brien take the sting out of dentistry for both would-be patients, and dentists themselves. Marketing is about transparency, addressing a patient’s presales questions, and gently nudging them into a phone call or contact form submission.

Strong Online Video Presence

Video is a high-consumption medium; predicted to 4x its growth by 2020. Handled properly, it can keep regular patients returning and prospective patients converting. Reinventing and reclaiming is all about setting a dental practice apart from the rest, and a great way to do this is to showcase the team and demonstrate how members of staff engage with each other and with patients. Presenting a unique perspective of a company’s culture makes it easier for web traffic visitors to visualize themselves in the office, becoming a patient. A practice can also be made more credible and helpful than competitors by offering video tutorials for dental hygiene, treatments, cosmetic options, and client testimonials.

Alpha Wolf Leading the Pack in Rankings

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Successful dental practices tend to have well-placed search engine rankings for their main keywords. This is what truly separates the professionals such as Crawford and O’Brien from the amateurs. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the mechanism enabling patients to find a dental practice when they are searching online. As Charles Crawford sees on a regular basis, not many dental websites follow best SEO practices. Some don’t even use them at all, which means not only are they not on top of the search rankings, they never even make the first page. SEO is a complex algorithm designed to combine the best use of keywords, creative content, link building, social media and user experience. To thrive, a dental practice website must integrate all of these facets simultaneously to increase search engine rankings.

Since they were teenagers, Charles Crawford and Michael O’Brien have been conquering the challenges of web design and marketing to create innovative solutions for today’s problems (and foreseeing future opportunities) in online dental marketing. In an industry fraught with empty promises Charles and Michael rise above the fray with a 100% success rate guarantee; a point which is made abundantly clear by the volume and sincerity of the happy dental client testimonials and case studies on the official Crawford and O’Brien website.

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