Power good Reviews

Did you ever search for step-by–step instructions to delete? What is the Google review of your business? Negative reviews about your business are not welcome. You are not the only one feeling your stomach growl. The flip side is that when you a If your customers are raving about your company, is it possible for… Continue reading Power good Reviews

SEO Best Practices: Off Page SEO Checklist For 2016

Whenever you heard that term OFF page SEO you definitely think about social media engagement, Link Building, social bookmarking, images and Videos sharing that entire staff to promote websites. However, the main motive for OFF page SEO is to improve ranking, proper linking, honored mention on social media, good traffic and revenue. So, when you… Continue reading SEO Best Practices: Off Page SEO Checklist For 2016

Redwaves Lite Speed Test

Based on the Underscores framework, RedWaves is a blazing fast and lightweight WordPress Blog theme yet powerful and very customizable with responsive design, clean code, SEO friendly and Adsense ready. Our theme scored too high in GTmetrix, Pingdom Tools & Google’s PageSpeed Insights on a shared server and without using CDN. Don’t believe us just… Continue reading Redwaves Lite Speed Test

Going Right Target Audience

Understanding your target audience on social media This is probably the most important thing that you can do as a social marketer. Your Target audience is the foundation of all elements of your social-media strategy. You can use audience research to help you create relevant content, messaging and ads. This can result in higher conversion… Continue reading Going Right Target Audience

5 Fail proof web design tips

All of us could be more productive. There are many things that we can all do. Some small and some large — these will improve our work ethic and help us to be more productive. Our activities have produced results. Total visitors. It’s simple to see. Marketers know how important this is. They’re getting traffic… Continue reading 5 Fail proof web design tips

Top 5 Reasons why your Website losing Visitors

We are seeing many great brands experiencing declining website traffic. Stats. It can be confusing and have a significant impact on your sales and revenue. Some people experience a gradual increase in their problems that gets worse over time. Others You may be perfectly content one day, but then disaster strikes the next. It’s It… Continue reading Top 5 Reasons why your Website losing Visitors

WordPress Plugins

Every business, large or small, must be organized. Systematic record of all financial transactions and activities. Since For sustainable business, precise and complete information is key It is crucial to use business tools to manage your business and generate success. Real facts and data. Here’s a list of WordPress accounting plug-ins. Financial management made easy… Continue reading WordPress Plugins

WordPress Security

This article will focus on the WordPress criticisms. Each issue with clarity and understanding. Our goal is to assist you. You can better understand WordPress’s problems and why they exist. What we can do together as WordPress contributors to improve things. Let’s not get too deep into the details. Two general issues. Every criticism of… Continue reading WordPress Security