For many businesses, especially those in retail and e-commerce, the holiday season is huge. The holiday season could make or break a B2C business, so making sure yours goes well is incredibly important. That means increasing and focusing your marketing campaigns to make more sales.

Yet, all of the work that goes into the holiday season, including the extra marketing, can put a lot of stress on you and your employees. Having an effective marketing strategy doesn’t have to mean that it has to ruin the holidays though. Here are some different marketing tactics and plans you can put in place but still stay cheerful during the season.

Produce and Plan Content Ahead of Time

One major benefit with content marketing is that you can produce content far in advance and then publish it at will. Rarely do you need to write something in the moment and publish it, unless it’s a breaking news story involving your business.

If you want to have a less stressful holiday, consider getting all of your content created ahead of time. That way, when you are in the trenches of holiday work, you don’t have to put aside other work just to create content.

If you are wanting to be on trend for the holidays and are unsure what topics to talk about, you can always turn to the data from years past. Delve into your Google analytics, see what kinds of posts got you the most traffic, and then try to replicate it. You can also pop into outside sources like Google Trends to see what topics were trending last year to get a better sense of what will be big this year.

Consider New Tactics to Improve Reach

It might be worth investigating alternative advertising methods to increase your brand’s reach. Find out what kinds of advertising works for your target market, including radio and television ads. Maybe investigate what kind of reach guerrilla marketing would have, or utilizing digital ads.

While traditional advertising might not be as effective as other tactics, it still can get your brand in front of tons of people. Combining ads with content marketing can get you the best of both worlds so you can get more sales.

Have Fun with your Marketing

There is a reason the holiday season is the best time of year. People love getting into the spirit of the holidays, and your marketing should too.

Have fun showing off your festive side. Update your social media profiles to match the season, share tasty holiday recipes, have employees tell holiday memories, and be generally festive. Send gifts to customers and long-time promoters. Hold contests for free products. Have a good time.

Don’t be afraid to show off your holiday spirit — but make sure what you do has a purpose. As always, marketing without strategy behind it won’t be effective. Have a good time, but continue pushing to make sales.

Building PR and Doing Charity

Building PR and Doing Charity

One major feature of the holiday season is people going out of their way to help others. People visit retirement homes, volunteer at soup kitchens, donate gifts for families in hard times, and more.

Having your business involved in charitable causes can go a long way to building goodwill with consumers. People are more likely to do business with companies trying to help make the world a better place. So get out there and do some good as a company, and then get the word out that you are doing good things.

Even better, get consumers to work alongside your company in doing good. Having programs like donating a percentage of a purchase towards charity are great ways to make sales and still do charity. While it might cut into profit margins a little, it can also increase sales. If a consumer is trying to decide between your product or a competitor’s, putting money towards a charity could be the tipping point to choose your company.

Not only can charity work lead to more sales, it can also increase morale in your company. People want to work for a good company, and getting employees involved in charity work can make them happier.

Plan Ahead for Time Off

Nothing slows down the marketing train quicker than a key part of your marketing team being on vacation. Similarly, nothing ruins a holiday break than having to step away from family and friends because you have to do some marketing work.

Work with your employees and plan ahead to make sure your marketing is covered during the holiday season. Don’t let your company go silent for a week, as constant interaction with your target market is important. Make sure any content needed is created far in advance and plans are made to keep things like blogs, social media, paid ads, and more handled.

Utilize tools to keep your company publishing, even if nobody is in the office. Schedule out things like social media posts to go up during vacations, and have somebody monitor online interactions from their phone. That way, if something goes wrong, somebody can be aware of it right away. Have your marketing team coordinate to make sure everything goes smoothly if everybody is out for vacation.

The Power of Holiday Sales

Money gets tight during the holidays. People are buying gifts for everybody in their lives, plus giving to charity, and they still have to take care of their own expenses. Around the holidays, consumers hunt for hot deals. It’s why companies are now offering Black Friday deals a week in advance, and why Cyber Monday is massive. People go nuts, making huge plans on how to get the most out of big sales.

Having limited-time holiday sales can do a lot to pressure consumers on the fence into making a decision. People hate missing out on a good deal, so offer them some. Slash prices, inform customers about limited supplies, put a deadline on the sale. That way, consumers have a harder time saying they will wait on making a purchase.

The hardest part with holiday sales, though, is standing out. Every other company in the world is holding some sort of sale, so even by the first week of December, shoppers are bogged down. Do something that makes your sale unique, like offering a free product or combining your sale with a charity. It’s not enough to just have a sale now; you have to do something attention worthy.  

Try to Enjoy Yourself

The holidays are stressful. There is no way around that. Don’t let that stress ruin your holidays though. Eat holiday treats, have a fun company party, and set time aside to enjoy the season. Overworking yourself and letting stress take control can only make you less effective. Plan ahead, have fun with your marketing, and coordinate with your team to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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