E-commerce marketing, improving conversion rate and checkout process are very specific challenges. E-commerce marketing needs a good website with a balanced approach towards managing user experience, search engines and conversion optimization. That said a solid on-page optimization has the capacity to turn users into customers.

You might not be aware of the fact that the shopping cart abandonment is the main concern of E-commerce websites. Today, as many as 60% of e-commerce sites are grappling with the shopping cart issue and looking towards finding ways of improving it and increasing sales. It’s hard to convey our e-commerce customers to make a decision regarding the purchase. What we can do, however, is utilize certain marketing techniques with simple on-site adjustments.

In this guide, you will learn to improve your E-commerce websites, their conversion rates and subsequently improve sales.

Website Design Can Increase Conversion Rate and Sales

Website design is one of the topmost factors to increase sales. To begin with, you must be clear in what you are selling to your customers and think why your website visitors will choose you over your competitors, and based on that, you need to design good responsive landing pages with better user experience, SEO and conversion optimization. You can create a simple design and include various payment options, header, footer, navigation between pages, interlinking, offers, discounts, attention grabbing headlines, well informative products display with HD images, shipping information, delivery time, price, add to cart on category pages and everything that can attract customers.

But why don’t any visitors add products to their cart?

Now you have to create an effective call to action. If you have designed your website in WordPress then call-to-action plugins can help you in creating attractive call to action tabs, which in turn help visitors make a purchase. You can install a WordPress buttons plugin and add a “Buy Now”, “Order Now”, “Add to Cart”, “Buy” or other Call to action button pretty easily.

call to actions

Display Product Price on Category Pages

Price consideration is the utmost concerning point for a customer. If you are implementing online marketing techniques and want to improve conversion then you must have to add products with their prices. This happens because in most of the cases traffic as well as users land on the category pages.

Make Searching Simple & Use Faceted Navigation

Don’t make search too complicated. Keep your web search function simple and easy to use so that customers can find exactly what they are looking for. Search can be based on price, ratings, brand name, color, and offers etc.

Display Product Price on Category Pages

Highlight Special Offers

Customers always become excited to see offers and discount on E-commerce websites. For instance, Amazon Great Indian Festival sale and Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale give heavy offers and discounts on the products so that they can generate more sales.

Highlight Special Offers

Conducting an audit of your e-commerce website

E-commerce website auditing is always a time consuming process but you need to figure out where your site lies. You need to get on the top and improve sales. In order to conduct E-commerce website audit, you need to check the following things step by step:

  • Website visibility on multiple browsers and mobile phones
  • Website pages download speed
  • Navigation and interlinking of pages
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • SEO optimised contents
  • Product copy content descriptions
  • Optimised images with Alt tags
  • Redirects & 404 links
  • Static and dynamic URL structure
  • Schema Implementation
  • Review and Rating implementation
  • rovots.txt
  • sitemap.xml
  • Social media sharing buttons
  • Google Analytics and search console script implementation
  • Meta Tags
  • Canonical Issues
  • H1 tag

You can follow Searchenginejournal technical SEO site audit guide to do a deep analysis of your website that will help you identify the current status and issues of your website. It can also help you in improving on-page changes, in making your website SEO and user-friendly, and getting all other issues properly fixed.

Payment Process Optimization

Your payment process and form is the key of your conversion optimization. Make it simple and

optimize your entire checkout process for your desktop and mobile users. Don’t use a large form to fill data and try to finish payment process in 3-4 steps. Remember that your payment process is where the real conversion happens in which should navigate easily or else you will have issues. You need to clearly specify various transaction methods such as Visa, Paypal, Credit Card, Internet banking, COD etc. As a good strategy, Amazon, uses very few steps to collect customer information.

Likewise, you need to ask only a few details that are enough in delivering your products to customers’ doors such as address, and their phone numbers etc. Don’t irritate by asking unwanted information.

Customer Engagement & Services

Every business depends on the relationship as well as trust. Therefore, you need to build trust and win the hearts of your customers. For that, you can interact via social media, your website, off-site advertisements, live chat, and emails, webinars etc. You can track every visitor or customer by their geographical locations and devices.

Make sure your delivery and customer services are more than satisfactory.  Deliver customer products on time and if the product is not being delivered on its mentioned time frame then you must have a convincing explanation regarding that. Don’t ignore any customer queries and issues; give them proper answers why the product has been not delivered. Moreover, if you have something to give as a compliment, it would be lot better. The idea is you have to make your customer happy at any cost.

Grow your Business with Webinar Marketing

If you are a new E-commerce company and intend to sell products online then webinar marketing can help you. It is a stated fact that many people purchase certain company’s products only after attending one of their webinars. Webinars typically allow you to develop a trust with your audience and present your products in the best manner. Using live examples and stating useful features and specifications will help you to push your company and brand. Before launching any webinar you need to create a plan and there are software like ClickMeeting that help you during and after your webinar. Set the goals of this webinar regarding your target audience and choose a topic and material that you want to present in front of them. Make sure that your topic as well as goal should revolve around your product.

E-mail Marketing Campaigns

If carried out properly e-mail marketing can be a backbone of your e-commerce website in terms of improving conversion and sales. Promotional campaigns and email with offers and discounts can be a game changer for you as well. If you are launching a new product in the market, sending customer engagement emails could greatly help build the relationship with your potential customers. Your subject title, email copy, timing, images, and size are the most important points to consider while sending emails. Keep a list of your past customers or collect their historical transaction data from database experts and send e-mails to them with special offers.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an effective technique to disseminate your brand information so that your target audience becomes aware of your products. You can do this by finding your niche influencers through social media channels. Someone who has thousands of followers can easily distribute your product information with their followers. Customers always trust third party voice, and mouth-to-mouth marketing always works for any kind of business. Influencers can easily generate valuable content for your products and recommend people to follow your brand.

Social Media Marketing

As a rough estimate, social media channels are expected to have 2.5 billion users by 2018. This means a huge opportunity for marketers to target a really large pool of customers. Every year the budget dedicated to social media advertising is increasing. It is because social media strategy can prove an effective tool to direct shoppers toward a new product or an attractive deal. It also allows marketers to engage people and create a sense of creativity. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn, are now some big household names and businesses are looking for a proper strategy to engage them.

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