How to Improve Marketing Email Deliverability: ZeroBounce Review

As a marketer you will want to ensure that as many of your emails as possible successfully end up in the recipients’ inboxes. That is what is commonly known as email deliverability, and its success depends on several factors.

Among the issues that will affect your marketing email deliverability are bounces, spam traps and reports, sender reputation, Email Service Provider (ESP) filters, and so on. On a very basic level however if you want to improve your marketing email deliverability the first step is to validate email address of each person in your list.

Typically Email Verification involves checking emails to make sure they are valid and will not bounce. To further improve deliverability however it is also important that the addresses do not consist of spam traps, abusive accounts that tend to flag marketing emails, temporary addresses, and so on.

By verifying emails thoroughly and identifying as many email addresses that could pose a potential issue – your marketing email deliverability should improve. Moreover it should also help your sender reputation, which in turn can help ensure your emails don’t end up in spam folders and prevent your domain from being blacklisted by ESPs.

Of course email verification is only as reliable as the tool that is used, and their accuracy can vary wildly. That is where ZeroBounce can help, as it is known for providing excellent email validation services with impressive accuracy rates.


When ZeroBounce validates a list of email addresses, it checks to see if they are ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Simply put a ‘good’ email address is one that is likely to be deliverable, whereas a ‘bad’ one is one that is not. In some cases email addresses are classified as ‘unknown’ – meaning that an accurate determination cannot be made, though the majority of these addresses tend to end up being ‘bad’.

Needless to say bounce detection is an important part of the verification, but it is far from all that ZeroBounce checks for. The algorithms that it uses will also detect accounts that flag emails regularly in an abusive fashion, spam traps, catch-all domains, disposable emails, and do not mail accounts. By detecting such a wide range of addresses that could have a negative impact on deliverability, it is able to provide more reliable results.

In addition to verifying emails, ZeroBounce is also able to append data that may be missing from email addresses in a list. The data that it can append includes information regarding the first and last name of the recipient, age, location and gender – all of which can be used to segment the email list more accurately.

At the end of the day ZeroBounce’s services give marketers the ability to improve the deliverability of their emails. The accuracy of its verification coupled with its scope will ensure that ultimately you are able to improve the conversion rate of your marketing campaign.

To get a better idea of the full range of ZeroBounce’s features and packages, be sure to visit their official website.

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