In today’s global economy, your brand’s reputation is everything. Good and bad news travels fast via social media and blogs. Fortunately, you can push the positive aspects of your company to consumers and gain the attention of potential customers. Graphic designers are trained in the best ways to showcase your brand and highlight your company’s best features. There are many ways to use graphic design to attract customers.

1. Use Instagram the Right Way

Instagram has approximately 700 million monthly active users. At first glance, it might seem like a simple place to market. Throw up some photos of your products and get your brand out there. However, on a social media platform with so many daily users and posts, you have to be unique if you want to stand out. Social media users tend to despise outright self-promotion, so you’ll need to figure out how to add value to their lives.

Use Instagram the Right Way

Farmers is known for its fun television advertisements showcasing unbelievable situations. With the Instagram post above, it taps into an online trend of pet shaming and uses it to showcase its brand. This is a smart design and smart marketing.

2. Integrate With Media

People today seem to always have a phone in their hands. If you want to reach the younger generation, you will definitely need to integrate technology into your designs. However, this can be a challenge when creating print media. Try to think about how you can create designs that work with mobile devices, even if that means something as simple as including a website address or QR code.

Integrate With Media

Volkswagen came up with an innovative way to take the design of a print ad and make it interactive for users. It created an app that worked with the ad so the user could download it and use the road in the print ad to test out features such as lane assist, lights that follow the curve of the road and cruise control. This innovative ad is pure design brilliance.

3. Grab Attention

When you’re in a crowded location, grabbing the attention of attendees can be difficult. For example, if you’re at a trade show, adding elements that are big and high above the standard trade show booth height can attract attention. The overall design of these big elements should include eye-catching features — big fonts, bright colors and bold logos.

Grab Attention

In the image above, SpeedPro Imaging shows how you can use large vinyl banners to draw in trade show attendees. The design itself is simple, but because the background is white and the text and graphics a deep blue, it really grabs the consumer. Notice, too, how the colors complement the rest of the booth palette.

4. Create a Giveaway Promotional Product

Designing a promotional product to give to consumers is an age-old tradition. However, when you hit on something your customer base really wants and you figure out how to integrate it with social media, you can create quite the buzz. First, the product needs to be something people will want. Second, you need to make sure the design includes your logo prominently. Third, you need to get people buzzing about the giveaway — and thus your brand.

Create a Giveaway Promotional Product

Snapchat came up with a brilliant campaign of this nature. It created spectacles that allow you to take a quick snapshot of the world from your point of view and post it online. Like Snapchat itself, the design of the glasses is fun and brightly colored. As people waited in line to get their spectacles, they posted about it on social media. Of course, they also posted when they received the glasses. This created quite a bit of buzz for the company.

5. Amazing Photographs

Many graphic designers have added photography to their list of skills. A truly amazing photograph is worth its weight in gold. They say a photo is worth a thousand words, and that is true in many cases. However, graphic designers also look at the world in a different way, seeing patterns in the ordinary. Imagine creating a beautiful image from bright fruit for a smoothie bar business, for example. There are many different ways to implement photographs into a design and showcase the best features of your brand.

6. Unique Fonts

Hand-lettered fonts can give your brand a truly unique look like no one else’s. Even though the image might be the biggest part of the overall design, the font also can set your brand apart from all your competitors. The perfect font brings the entire design together and matches the tone of your business and the particular ad it is highlighting. Even your logo should have a unique, but easy-to-read font.

7.  Call to Action

You might think a website landing page is where call-to-action (CTA) buttons are most used. However, the truth is that you can add a CTA to nearly any type of ad. For example, if you run a Facebook Lead Generation ad, a CTA is the perfect addition to get people to click on the ad. Even a print ad can benefit from a smartly designed and well-placed CTA tagline. The key is to place it in a way that grabs attention but doesn’t detract from the overall branding.

Outside the Box

Think about ways you can utilize graphic design in fresh, new ways. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, such as Volkswagen did with its app and print ad combination. Pay attention to what other companies are doing, even outside your industry, to come up with unique ideas that work for your branding needs.

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