How to Select WordPress Themes for Your Online Business

WordPress is the smartest support available around for online business owners dreaming to make it big. This website creation support powered by PHP is liked a lot because of its user-friendliness and open source feature. The website owners want their offering to stand out in the horde, but before that, they themselves want to have complete control over their online property. WordPress offers all this to the developers.

The best part of using WordPress Themes is that it requires nil investment as free WordPress themes are available to experiment with. While selecting the WordPress themes, taking in consideration the following points help you make your business online a grand success effortlessly.

Ability to Gel With the Business Image

You must approve of such WordPress Themes that are a rightful extension of your brand image. For example, an organization supporting a humanitarian cause or providing healthcare services should make use of a theme that has an empathetic and sincere appeal. Some businesses can take inspiration from their logo design or logo colors and use it to base the WordPress Theme upon.

The theme should reflect professionalism at its best. It should also be able to convey that the business is there for the users and is certainly more of a solution provider than a mere gold digger. BBC America, the noted entertainment website, means pure business from its every nook and corner. The website informs all about what is trending on the channel, the focus is clearly on increasing the viewership and this aim is quite perfectly achieved with the relevant WordPress theme chosen. Few important examples where WordPress theme has been used most intelligently are:

  • Choice of color: Routers blog makes intelligent use of white space and black font, giving a newspaper-like feel to the user.
  • Use of intelligent call to action buttons: Bloomberg LP website based on WordPress theme exhibits call to action exceptionally well. The user can understand clearly what each section offers and how it would change the business conditions for better.
  • Employing user-centric solutions: Vogue India offers users exactly what they are looking for. Informative articles lined up and tips for beauty and fitness make it a conspicuously engaging platform.

So, these are some decisions that need to be reflected cleverly in the theme chosen by the developer.

Keeping Up With the Trend

Developers should keep in mind the guidelines provided by the search engine algorithms. Responsiveness is one such feature that can take the business to places and also fetch it the higher ranks in the search engine results. So, trends like single page applications, etc should be searched for in the theme chosen. Such trends allow users to leverage all types of gadgets for reaching to the audience. For example, small responsive changes included in the theme can make website reachable on mobile phones, tablets and other portable solutions available around. Also, if the e-commerce is on mind, then the website should be supportive of the three-step rule of selling a product online, that is, search-choose-pay. The whole offering should be crisp enough to make buying easier as a walk in the garden.

Reduces the Gap Between Lead Generation and Actual Selling

Specifically speaking, the WordPress theme should be selected keeping the requirements of e-commerce and m-commerce in mind. The code should be robust enough to support galleries and its security should not be so easy to penetrate. These features also can make the website a revenue-generating medium. People have the low attention span. They want websites selling products with crisper pictures, which are close to real. The selling becomes easier when the vendor includes all possible payment mediums and offers impregnable payment gateways. Thus, website themes that make searching of the desired product and picking it easier make a good choice for e-commerce dedicated online solution.

Supports Database Management

Selling becomes easier when the database is up-to-date. Themes that allow the introduction of verifying features supports email marketing tools, etc are certainly worth the attention as the website should create a way to a deeper relationship with the end consumers. The website themes must have newsletters and alert sending mechanism in place. This small feature can do big wonders as users like personalized experience and feel wanted by the brands. They take the alerts seriously when the frequency is sane and is best-suited to the prevailing season. For example, gift selling website sending alerts to visitors during Christmas is the result of database management support provided by the WordPress Theme.

Supports Easy Promotion

Digital marketing tools like blogs; social media channel integrations etc should also be incorporable in the theme. Making the best use of the website is the prime purpose any theme should serve, and reaching out to the users is the only way this purpose can be met. The theme should make it easier for visitors to share its interesting parts over social media to get it more exposure. Call to actions like Share, Like etc should be available in the theme for easy social media exposure.

Better Control Over the Website

With unending lists of e-commerce and content management tools available around, the WordPress theme should be compatible with all these tools. The owner should be able to enjoy better ownership and can get changes incorporated as and when desired. Also, change is always welcome when it comes to offering something appealing to the audiences. Thus, the theme should be able to accommodate time-sensitive changes easily. For Example, the user may require adding or changing images, adding tags to the post, and making other content related changes. Themes that allow owner or administrator to make changes without seeking the help of IT guy are worth vouching for. Also, cloud-based hosting solutions should be supported by the theme to ensure that the site continues to work even in case of traffic boom and other similar incidents.

And lastly, the theme should have an element of future-readiness. It is certainly not a professional approach to keep fiddling among themes. Like an advertising copy that sells for years, the theme should be capable of representing the brand till quite late in the business cycle.

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