As pollution continues to fill the skies, trash clutters up the ocean, and various wildlife struggle to survive, the world is becoming more and more aware of the need to be environmentally friendly. Today, many consumers are now considering environmental impact when buying things. Some are even finding alternatives to products they already use if an environmental issue is brought up about it.

Being environmentally friendly is definitely playing a role in how people do business now, and that means you need to get the word out of how green your business is. This is especially important if your target market is environmentally aware and seeks out businesses being green.

How Green Is Your Business and How Green Do You Need to Be

Before you can start marketing how green your business is, you need to actually be doing something environmentally friendly. You can’t brag about how green you are if you aren’t doing anything worthwhile. Having a few employees recycling their soda cans isn’t enough.

First look at your current business and analyze it for anyways you are currently being green. Do you utilize recycled materials in your products? Is your product more energy efficient than competitors? Do you donate a percentage of your proceeds to help save the rainforest?

Whether you are already doing a lot to be green, or very little, you need to analyze how your target market feels about the environment and work towards impressing them. If your main customer base is full of people who focus a lot on being green, then you’ll need to do a lot to get on their good side. If your customers have just a passing interest in being green, then you can get away with smaller projects. Make sure what you choose helps your business become more sustainable, and also helps the earth.

Once you’ve made a plan on how to proceed concerning current or new green projects, then you can figure how to properly market it.

Talking About Your Efforts on Your Website

The bigger the project, the more you get the right to brag about it. A good place to start is on your own website. How much space you give your efforts on the site depends on the size and scope of your green projects.

For example, if your product uses exclusively recycled materials, you shouldn’t dedicate an entire page to it. You should probably dedicate about a paragraph to explaining it and have that information on your sales pages.

If your green efforts are huge, though, it would be appropriate to detail it on its own webpage. That way, you have plenty of space to explain what you are doing, why it benefits the environment, and how your customers can get involved.

Highlighting Green Efforts in Physical Stores

Highlighting Green Efforts in Physical Stores

If you have a physical brick and mortar store, many of your customers might shop and buy things from you without ever checking out your website. However, you should still tell the public what you are doing, especially when they are trying to decide whether to buy or not.

Have signage through your store that advertises how your products and business are being green, and what kind of benefits come from customers buying them. This could include saving trees by buying recycled products, energy efficiency, or whatever your specific product is.

Alongside signage, have employees be aware of your green projects so they can share it with shoppers in relevant situations. That way, if somebody asks about how something is made, or if it’s environmentally friendly, they’ll have a good answer.

Getting the Community Involved

Getting the Community Involved

Working towards saving the world is not a one-man job, everybody has to get involved. A great way to get your name out there is by working with the green community in certain efforts. Your business could organize an event or become a sponsor for an existing one. If you are truly passionate about something, you could even become a very vocal advocate for it and create a community around your business for it.

A key part is helping people feel like they are involved in something great. If they feel like doing business with you is also helping the environment, they’ll be more likely to choose you over a competitor. That could include donating a portion of every sale to a cause, inviting customers to bring in something to recycle for a discount or be a part in an event you are running. Give customers a chance to choose how involved they want to be.

If you do a really good job at getting a community involved, whether it’s just your local area or a specific green group, expect extra attention from the media. Many media publications like to cover companies going above and beyond in their charity or environmental efforts. That means spreading your branding and hopefully lead to extra people checking out your business.

Social Media: Great for Spreading Awareness

A social media strategy is a must for every business, but balancing your current strategy with green efforts is essential. You wouldn’t want to flood your followers’ feeds with posts about how environmentally friendly you are, especially if that isn’t why they started following you in the first place.

Yet, you also can’t just ignore it either. Social media is a great way to spread awareness for environmental causes that you should apart of. A great policy for this is to post regularly about specific causes your businesses focus and are a part of, and occasionally share other causes related to it. Avoid being self-promotional in it, and instead, focus on the cause itself.

When it comes to marketing your green efforts, you need to make sure your business looks better in the eyes of your target market. Don’t spam them about it, just make sure people are aware of it and leave feeling good about both themselves and your business. In the end, marketing your green works should help you look better versus a competitor. Hopefully, that means potential customer choose you instead of somebody else. 

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