How to Make a Website by Yourself

Every day, the need to own a website increases; might be for business, political, religious or business reasons, everyone just needs to own a website. The type of website each person or an organization needs differ in terms of layout, functionalities or color schemes, setting up a website, one has to detail the complete picture of the website to the developer and most of the time not hundred percent of one’s description will be put into the design. In the last few decades, what hindered people from just setting up a website was the technical skills it required, but recently many companies have developed website building tools that can help people with zero web programming skills in designing a perfect website. The history of Web Builders started roughly two decades ago, numerous Web Building tools can be found on the internet, some dating back to the early 2000s, only a few have improved and proved capable of being used to design a website of today’s standard.


Wix is a popular online web builder founded in 2006, it is very easy to use; simple UI (user interface), lots of resources and supports, Wix can boast of millions of website running on their server. Websites built with Wix are not only beautiful but are fully functional and highly efficient. Even professional web designers/developers make use of Wix to deliver quick and professional websites.

Why do I Need Wix?

Wix is an outstanding tool among its peers; each feature listed by Wix on their feature page is tested and trusted. Few of the features and the reason why you need it for your web developing projects are highlighted below:

  • Drag and Drop: the most tedious part of designing or developing a website is writing the codes, one needs to write about four different code frameworks e.g. HTML, Javascript, PHP, SQL etc. Wix has made it easier; you may not need to write a line of code to complete your web project. Drag your element into your preferred position on the workspace and save; that is how you develop your website like you are drawing it.
  • Wix on Mobile: on this feature, Wix is distinctly outstanding, unlike other web-based website building tools; you can design a website from your mobile phone, no more excuses like “I couldn’t get a PC to set up my website”. All you have to do is visit on your mobile phone, answer series of simple questions and your responses will help the Mobile Editor’s AI get to know you better and create a custom site you’ll love.
  • Wix code: do you have zero web building skill? Good, do you know some web building codes? Better. With your coding skills, you can expand the functionality of your website; Set up databases, create dynamic pages, repeating layouts, build custom forms and take full control of your site with JavaScript and our APIs.
  • Wix video: one of the most efficient tools of communication in this digital age is a video, and what is more efficient than a platform that instantly shares your video to the most popular websites instead of manually uploading it one-by-one yourself. YouTube, Facebook etc. features on the websites your video will be shared with, and this can help a lot in increasing your website awareness and improve traffic. To activate this feature, go to Add Section > Video Player > Choose from nine beautiful layouts. You can also add Wix Video to your Wix ADI site.

There are loads of features you can utilize while using Wix, but only a few can be mentioned here.

Steps in Creating a Website With Wix

Creating a website with Wix, you might have finished the design while thinking you are taking a survey. Let’s get started with creating a simple website with Wix, you too will see how simple the task is; follow the outlined step below:

  1. On your PC, open a web browser and visit the Wix’s how to make a website page
  2. Here, you can find information about how to create a website, and you can start building your website by providing quick response to simple questions.

Click on the Create a Website button to continue.

  1. The next page that shows up a prompt for Wix account registration or login, if you already have one, supply authentic registration email or login credentials and you will be on the Wix account page in a matter of minutes.
  2. Now that you’ve been successfully logged in, you will be redirected to a page that says “Welcome to Wix” on the webpage there is a button that says “Create Your Website”, to further confirmed that you have been logged in, three buttons will be displayed on the upper right corner of the webpage, from the farthest right button you can access your account profile and settings and many other things. Click on the Create Your Website button to proceed.
  3. This page asks what type of website you want to create, pick a suitable category by clicking on it. For example purpose, we’ll be picking the Photography category.
  4. After selecting a category, you are presented with several templates of websites based on the category you picked in the previous step. Just select a preferred template by moving your cursor over it and click on the edit button once it appears. You can also view a live demo of the template before you start editing.
  5. The editor may take a little while to load up, but once it does, you have everything you need to modify your website to your taste, everything from here is basically drag-and-drop, the editor is very simple and straightforward.
  6. Always remember to save as you modify your website. To save your website, click the save icon located on the top bar. From the pop-up box, you can also connect your custom domain.
  7. Once your website has been designed to your taste, remember to save then we are ready to go live. Click the publish button, click on the done button and you are good to go, your website has been published.

You can now start sharing your website address with the intended users

Start With a Wix Template

If you are looking for an inspiration for your web project, Wix templates are the ideal place to look. Lots of templates that have been professionally and beautifully designed to meet web standard are available to be modified. The templates are arranged in categories, a search box is also available to find desired templates faster. Visit Wix’s free website templates page to explore all the templates available.

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