Conducting online surveys is currently the best option when it comes to taking reviews and suggestions from the general public. The best example for this is the regular polls and surveys which various business organizations conduct in order to understand customers’ take on their products and services.  Also, these surveys are not just limited to business enterprises. Many social institutions also take advantage of this online tool for seeking public opinions on various social subjects.

If you’ve ever conducted an online survey or ever intended to gather some information, you must’ve come across various tools and plugins which facilitate the same. And one such powerful tool is the ‘Google Form’ which can be utilized to gather data from the public.

Google forms can be added to multiple websites including the ones built on WordPress. WordPress is one of the easiest platforms to build an amazing blog or a website and even maintain it. Google forms can be easily embedded in WordPress and put to use.

Before discussing how to embed Google Forms in WordPress, let’s first get familiar with what Google Forms are.

What Are Google Forms?

Google Forms

As mentioned above, Google Forms are one of the most efficient and quick ways to accumulate data and information from the users. These are online forms which can be shared via emails or published on the web pages of the host entity. Anyone who has a Google account can easily start creating these forms. For people who are not sure where to exactly find these forms, just click on the menu which appears on the top right side of your Google account page. There you’ll find a purple colored icon representing Google Forms.

Google Forms

Google Forms can be used for creating:

  • Surveys.
  • Polls.
  • Registrations.
  • Questionnaires.
  • Subscription Forms.
  • Customer Feedback Page.
  • Quizzes and much more.

You can also customize your Google form. There are options for changing the color and the theme of the form. You can add various response features like the multiple choice, checkboxes, short answers, paragraphs, linear scale, multiple choice grid, etc. You can also configure your Google Form if you wish to disable spam responses, enable multiple responses, shuffle questions after a regular interval, show the pop-up message after the form submission, etc.

Now, while there are various WordPress plugins available for conducting these online surveys on your WordPress website, Google Form has the best features and is by far the most user-friendly alternative.

How To Embed A Google Form In WordPress?

Google offers an embedding function with its forms which facilitates embedding of Google Forms on WordPress sites. Now there are two ways to add a Google Form to your WordPress website. Let’s take a look at both of them.

Using the embed code

Before embedding, make sure you’ve created a Google Form with appropriate name, title, and description. When you are done with creating your Google Form, you’ll get the option of sending it to others. Click on ‘Send.’

Google Form embed code

Here, there are three sub-options for sending the form, first is to share via email, second, share the direct link and the third one is to use the embed code. Select the embed code option and you’ll see the embed code with some customization options. Just fill in the desired fields of customizations and hit the option of ‘Copy.’

Google Form embed code

Now open the admin area of your WordPress website and create a new page/post or open the already existing page/post where you want your Google form to get embedded.

Google Form embed code

  • If it is a new page, then all you need to do is paste the code into the text area. A new page will be created on your WordPress website which will display your embedded Google F
  • If you want to add the Google Form to an already existing page, then you need to edit that page. Guide yourself towards the text area and carefully scroll to that part of the text area where you want to embed your Google Form and paste the code. Your Google Form will be displayed in the area where you paste the code. To ensure that the place of embedding is correct, choose the preview option to preview the page

If you are satisfied with the position, hit save. In case you are not satisfied, you can reposition the form or if required, you can customize the form, from the Google Form interface. After the required changes are made, copy the new embed code and paste it into the desired position. After pasting the code, preview the page and then save it.

Using a free plugin

One of the reasons why WordPress is a great CMS is because of the availability of a wide range of plugins. For people who are not very comfortable using the embed codes, they can use a dedicated plugin to embed Google forms on their WordPress website.

Google Forms WordPress plugin

  • Install the Google Form plugin on your WordPress website. Now copy the main URL of your Google Form. Open the plugin setting and click on “add new Google Form”, now paste the copied URL on the next screen. Fill in the required fields and complete the configuration. Now hit publish and your Google Form will be published. To bring your form in action, you need to add it to your page or post.

Add new Google Form

  • To include the form on your page, you need to open the plugin and then open the Google Form section. Under this section, you’ll see the name of the Google Form you added along with its shortcode.

Google Form Shortcode

  • Copy the shortcode and paste it in the visual editor of the new page or the existing page where you want your form to be embedded. Hit publish and your Google Form will be embedded into your WordPress website.

Things to Remember while using Google Form Plugin

  • The plugin works only for Public Google F Use this Plugin only if you want everyone to view your form.
  • The most important thing is that this plugin is not officially created by Google. It is created and is timely updated by a 3rd party. And in case Google changes their products, your form will break. Under such situations, be prepared with a backup, if your form breaks.


We hope that you’ve now understood the whole process of embedding Google Forms to your WordPress website. Google Forms are without a doubt the best alternative for online surveys and polls. It saves you a lot of manual efforts and is better than many other WordPress plugins. And the best part is that it’s Free.

So go ahead and embed Google Forms into your WordPress website, using these two simple yet effective methods!

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