Hello all,

April marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of our lovely website Themient.com. During the year, we were working hard on improving quality of our products and services and we intend to continue the effort this year. Even Themient itself got a long record of changes and improvements!

Now, it gets personal…We would like to thank you and the whole community for your unstinting support! Without you this website would never have happened

To celebrate this special day, we are running a special discount on the RedWaves theme. Grab your copy now for only $21Yes you read it right! That’s a 40% OFF!!

We always wonder how we can make our website better, to serve our members and our public. A website is always a “work in progress”. So if you have comments or suggestions for how we can improve in the coming year(s), please let us know at admin[at]themient.com.

In the meantime:

We wish you all a very happy weekend!


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