World is evolving and so is the psychology of consumers. Today, a company which is aligned with a social cause tends to create a niche for itself. The search engine giant Google for example from its very inception has been addressing the issue of climate change, education and poverty alleviation.

It probably was the combination of creative genius at helm and also their eagerness to take up social cause that today people not only make use of services but also identify with what brand Google stands for.

A blog can be an effective mode to let the people know where your liabilities lie. For example, when Google promotes a blog it is bound to get attention of masses from all over the world. For the message to be received with prompt attention you have to create a near perfect blog.

Inspire Employees to Give Their Best

With corporate Social Responsibility employees feel connected to the chords of the company ideology. Today, with impact of social media every bit of global issues that concerns people are highlighted with clear message.

According to a survey conducted by Net Impact “candidates would be willing to work and even take a pay cut up to 15% to work for a company that makes a social or environmental impact”.

Also, according to a survey to know about employee psych Forbes found out that:

  • 83% of the employees would even consider leaving their job if their company got involved with child labor
  • 65% would consider quitting form their job if the company harmed the environment
  • 32%would consider quitting if the company did not contribute to charity.

The voice of people is heard big time. Corporate giants just cannot turn deaf ears to those aspirations of their employees. A brand which takes in account that voice and can integrate it in its functioning will only attract employees who are dedicated to the cause and will give their more than 100% to aid in the success of an enterprise.

Generate Profit with a Dedicated Workforce

Social cause brings company, employees and the consumers on a same platform. Not only it brings out best out of the employees but also reduces the competition in the market place.

How CSR boosts productivity:

  • Consumers place their trust in the aspirations of the company
  • Employees feel part of something bigger other than just to earn livelihood.
  • A brand name in the sector only leads to new opportunities and network

Corporate Citizenship another term coined for CSR which Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) found out that it has become essential for long term benefits.

What corporate citizenship or CSR does is:

  • Enhance the profit margins at a company with a dedicated workforce
  • Employees are eager to pledge their support for a cause and donate. What it does is create a positive atmosphere which provides motivation for the employees.
  • When every one is one the same page regarding company aspirations team work reaches another level which in turn boosts productivity.
  • CSR only adds to the positive atmosphere which helps a brand transcend its image of just of a business enterprise.

Demands and Expectation of Consumers

Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming synonym with corporate giants. Even the advertisements are designed to promote the social services that the company promotes. An advertisement designed to promote some social issue can have a great impact on the psych of the consumers. What it does is make people remember about a brand which is socially responsible and cares for the betterment of society and its people.

Especially on social platforms, a well designed social campaign can get instant attention of the audience. The advantage of social platform is the reach which can be effectively optimized with latest SEO tactics.

Role of CSR vis-à-vis consumer expectations:

  • It creates an everlasting impression on the minds of consumer about a brand which promotes a social cause with their services
  • Consumers want to be associated with “good corporate” A good corporate which wants a better world and wants to make change in the lives of people.
  • Volunteering for example gives a chance to professionals to connect with the market on a more personal level and understand their market expectations
  • Consumers won’t mind paying a notch higher for the services if they know it will go to some charity. This way companies can raise funds for charity side by side create a brand niche in the market.

Customers are the common people who are affected by social phenomena. Be it poverty, climate change, animal cruelty or anything else. When a brand advertises and promotes their services to eradicate and do their bit in improving our world a customer will only be interested in what the company is all about.

Changing World Dynamics

Corporate giants understand the importance of CSR and are integrating it in their core ideology. People aspire to be the change they want to see in the world. Corporate giants who have global presence can be the inspiring torch bearers of this much needed change.

Corporate giants all over the world have taken up causes and initiative to improve the living conditions and also bring focus to many important issues that concern human lives. As mentioned above in the article Google for one time and again talks about global warming and climate change.

For a business enterprise it is essential to recognize its market so as to identify an appropriate cause. A comprehensive insight into market and subsequent audience can provide with an appropriate social cause to align with. It can help to bring about a change which can have much positive impact on branding than any of the other tactics employed by a business enterprise.

It is the eagerness of professionals to be associated with a cause that is the driving force of CSR. The survey mentioned above highlights how top company officials are the one who inspire their employees to be more than just corporate professionals.

Xerox with its Employee volunteer activities provide help for various sector. The professionals get involved in volunteering work. Be it giving time or investing Xerox makes sure that the company professionals spend time to make the world a better place.

In 2013, 91.3% of philanthropic investments by Xerox were directed to institutions and organizations where someone from Xerox was personally involved.

Initiatives like these create an atmosphere where company ideology are driven with positive attitude rather than being a money minting enterprise. Corporate Social Responsibility is more of a moral obligation for a company to give back to the society. By the example a company sets it takes along others to contribute their bit in improving the conditions of the world. It only makes our world a better place and creates an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

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