Blogging is now considered to be a really effective and inexpensive way of reaching out to global consumers. Big brands can maintain their in-house team of innovative staff only after they determine their marketing budgets based on their long-term requirements. But the risks of investing hefty sums in such prospects tend to increase when they don’t engage bloggers.

Bloggers constitute a key element of all digital marketing strategies developed by the major brands.  They have drawn the spotlight due to their success in achieving results. During the creation of blogosphere about 10 years ago, bloggers were perceived to be “mommy bloggers” or moms that mostly stayed at home and shared their views online. They could simply be doing it for achieving free offers or merely for pursuing their hobbies.

During the recent years, the image of bloggers has undergone a facelift due to their unique ability to boost sales through product reviews and honest opinions on brands. The bloggers seemed to have developed a powerful presence around them. It didn’t take much time for the bloggers to transform from mere hobbyists to successful online entrepreneurs with innovative teams. Most of these bloggers now have their innovative teams, following editorial calendars, and meeting deadlines. All of them actually mean business and live up to their client’s expectations.

Bloggers are reaching out to a bigger audience

Bloggers have become successful in reaching out to a large section of audiences of late. Audiences are more likely to check out and relate to bloggers on a periodical basis. Bloggers are now being utilized for promoting products launched by the smartest of brands very effectively. While a big brand like Walmart has developed its own community, other big names like Disney and McDonalds would choose to utilize the service of mommy bloggers. Many of these leading brands have established a professional bonding with blog advertising or blog reviews platforms for leveraging their network of bloggers.

Ways in which the bloggers popularize your brand

Brands are using different tactics for collaborating bloggers. Likewise, there are also a few tactics adopted by bloggers that may help your brand in becoming more popular among the masses:


Bloggers follow certain themes or messaging points conveyed by brands for creating their content.  The main objective of writing these articles is to share tips, facts, and news for providing adequate exposure to all client services and products

How is it useful?

  • Helps in product launching
  • Gets consumers engaged
  • Uses content integration to trigger usage of products
  • Creates genuine content for improving SEO, increasing links, and enhancing traffic


Stories created by bloggers tend to involve your brand and appear quite compelling with substance. Most of these essays are very appropriate, easily relatable, and authentic.

How are they useful?

  • Develop the trust factor and credibility among prospective buyers
  • Check out all niche markets
  • Engage buyers and creating brand awareness


Bloggers create certain things on behalf of your brand e.g. giveaways, contests and guidebooks. There’s often a benefit attached to each invitation.

How are they useful?

  • Invite new followers and fans
  • Make a brand appear more exciting
  • Help generate leads and boost traffic


Bloggers can help in creating a stepwise article that demonstrates the services or products that you offer. These articles usually feature videos or photos of your offers.

How are they useful?

  • Extend instructions and provide supportive guidance
  • Develops or promotes visual assets
  • Improves product reputation and awareness

While considering the various ways in which a blogger can help promote your brand, you must also check how and if these ways are effective in converting your prospective buyers.

More of prospects are now being converted

Blogs are known to leave a powerful impact on the minds of consumers all over the world. Among all digital resources, blogs contribute about 31% of buyers as they close in on brand sites (34%) and retail sites (56%)(Source: Technorati). When it comes to making purchases, blog recommendations have left a strong impact on over 50% of active blog viewers in the US (Source: A little over 80% of buyers are also known to follow online review websites for collecting information (Source: CNBC).

There are a number of ways in which you may communicate your requirements to reviewers or mommy bloggers. You may do your own research on mommy bloggers, although it’s quite time-consuming. So you may consider signing up with websites like Mommy bloggers are using these sites for sharing their independent views and opinions about products on a daily basis; such products may vary from electronic gadgets to baby clothes.

You may seek quality reviews on your products and services from bloggers who have their work samples featured in these sites. You’re likely to see more traffic on your business website within a short span of time.

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