Blogs have become a common term in the world today. Companies are slowly drifting from websites to blogs due to the great benefits derived from using blogs. Most business owners today are hesitant to launch their own websites due to the high costs of having an expert design, build and then maintain the website. But apart from saving lots of money, today we want to look at other reasons why companies have switched to building their own sites with the help of WordPress.

WordPress is a great content management system (CMS) which backs up several online businesses. With just about $100-$200, one can easily have a proper site created on WordPress together with a personalized email add.

Search Engine Optimization

WordPress is centered on being discovered by search engine platforms. What it does is that it comes up with several principles and techniques which are search engine friendly. Apart from that, there are several extensions as well as plugins. Which you can add on if you wish and which will increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

User Friendly

WordPress is easy to use in that even if you do not have a programmer and a designer in your team, you can manage to create a proper site with WordPress. When you compare WordPress with most of its competitors in terms of administration, WordPress is way easier to use. Adding content to the administrative interface is very simple and fast and the installation of plugins is effortless. With WordPress, you become independent in that you do not have to depend on a web designer to add or edit contents of old pages. Simply log in to your dashboard and go ahead to add, edit or remove whatever you want in a matter of clicks. If you are not a techy person, you will love the ease of use of WordPress based dashboards.

Quick Installation

A good number of website hosting providers provide simple and one click installation of WordPress for your blog. All you have to do is go to the control panel of your hosting provider, then click on ‘Install WordPress’ and in no time, you will be running and operating.


It is obvious that no software package is 100% free from all sorts of vulnerability. Despite this fact, WordPress is well known to be quite secure. There have been only a few security exploits. All the same, some security tips for you are;

  • Keep WordPress updated
  • Keep plugins and themes updated
  • Delete any themes and plugins you do not use
  • Download plugins and themes from well-known sources
  • Change file permissions
  • Change your password and make it good

WordPress Plugins

WordPress has thousands and thousands of plugins and so regardless of what you would like to do, the chances for you to find a plugin that can do it are pretty high. All in all, you can be sure to get a plugin to merge with social media accounts, others will allow you to do a podcast, you also find other plugins that track particular metrics for your blog and others will allow you to transform your site into an online shop. All these alternatives provide you with an opportunity to tailor your site to whatever style you want in the click of a button.

Strong Community Support

As compared to other platforms that are available, this is actually one of the best benefits derived from WordPress. WordPress is used vastly as compared to other platforms. This is to say that it has a huge community out there who are constantly supporting it. There are lots of message boards, eBooks, tutorials, blogs and more all on WordPress. They all aim at helping you understand all there is about WordPress. Regardless of what your query on WordPress is, you can be certain there is someone out there to provide you with a solution. Essay supply can help you prepare and provide great content with relation to WordPress.

WordPress Updates

As WordPress is open source, it receives improvements and feedbacks constantly from its design and development team. The regular updates that WordPress receives are all aimed at fixing bugs and provide new features as well as functionality.

WordPress Theme Customization

Your online business ought to be outstanding and unique from the rest. Thanks to WordPress, you now have the opportunity to customize your blog. Apart from the plugins that help you to have a unique site, you can find lots of templates which you can use to also to customize your WordPress site. In as much as customizing needs one to possess some knowledge of CSS, it’s quite an easy process. However, if you have knowledge about CSS, at a very small fee, you can get an expert or a talented designer to do it for you.


WordPress might not be the fastest software for the website today, but it is much less bulky as compared to others also in the market. The main idea is to ensure that you do not have to your template design elements that slow you down or particular plugins that are making things to slow down. You can increase the speed of your WordPress website by the use of tools such as CDN, ClodFlare and cache plugins.

WordPress Costs Nothing

Many people have the notion that if something is free then there must be a catch somewhere. So why is WordPress being given for free? Well, the thing is that WordPress is not really owned by any individual or organization. It is an open source project and this is to say that it is actually maintained by a team of volunteers from all over the world who work tirelessly to improve it and make it better.

To extend the visual nature of your WordPress website you can use the free plugins and themes which are so many. This will also improve the functionality of your blog.

WordPress Is a Dynamic CMS

When WordPress started, it kicked off as a platform for blogging but with time it has developed to a full Content Management System and numerous themes and plugins. There is a difference between and is a hosted platform for blogging just like Blogger and Tumblr while is a program which can be downloaded and then installed with the use of a hosting provider, which provides one with a site that one has total control over.

You Can Scale WordPress

Huge companies find it pretty hard to believe that WordPress could in reality fit into the needs of their business and they need to look into something much more professional. WordPress can grow as your business also expands, right from a startup into a large business, and this is one of the major reasons as to why it is considered a great platform.
For the last 6 years, WordPress is deemed to be the content management system (CMS) that is growing the fastest. All the sites with Content Management System have 59.6% of them being WordPress. It also powers the internet with a percentage of 26.5%.

Many famous brands, popular websites, online publications, companies, celebrities, news outlets and magazines use WordPress. You can be sure that you are in great company and that WordPress can grow alongside your business.

WordPress Is Mobile Friendly

Mobile traffic is quickly taking over desktop traffic. For this reason, you as a business owner should think about how to ensure your visitors will view your site and interact with it. Are you aware that Google actually bans or prohibits sites from their mobile results if they cannot be used on mobile platforms?

WordPress has been created based on tech that is highly compatible with modern mobile devices. Due to this, when visitors visit your website from their phones or tablets, your site will immediately scale to suit their devices.

Another important point is that the back end of WordPress comes completely responsive. And thus letting you easily edit your website right from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.

Generally, WordPress is highly recommendable for online businesses both small and huge. For WordPress to work well for you, you need to establish what you need to do with the presence of your online business. Come with goals and objectives. And then think about all the possible features and functions you would like to have. This could be forms, online catalogs, connection with social media and much more. Carefully go through your list. Then find out whether there are plugins for WordPress which can do the things you have noted down. Chances are very high that you will find something that matches your search.

For somebody who may not be too familiar with WordPress, it may appear to be just another Content Management System (CMS). But with the information gathered in this article, you can clearly understand why WordPress is outstanding and the benefits it comes with. This information is an eye opener and will most obviously enable you to make informed decisions as to why you should use WordPress for your website.

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