All successful online articles are good reads, but not all good reads can be successful articles.

You see, there are thousands of articles uploaded and published online each day. Each article has a distinct method to discuss its topic in a way that would trigger human interest. Even if your idea is fresh, innovative or sometimes provocative, it still cannot guarantee that your article will move up the search engine results page (SERP) rankings. The best way to assure this is by learning to write, SEO style.

 SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the craft of increasing the visibility of your websites on the SERPs by implementing various strategies, such as writing quality content. Learning basic tips on SEO writing is easy, but it takes a lot of practice to master it and eventually increase the rank of your site.

SEO writing poses more advantages than you can imagine. To elaborate more, let me give you helpful insights on how important it is to write your articles optimized for search engines without compromising the creativity and quality of your content. This article will help you transcend from a good content writer to a smart one.

You as Your Personal SEO Expert

Personal SEO Expert

Although it is normal for writers to have their own copywriters, it is still more efficient to be aware of certain standards you have to comply with at the onset. Isn’t it frustrating when you spend hours thinking and writing, and at the end, all your work needs to be overhauled? It’s much more frustrating if the article was done creatively but it needed major editing for “more visibility.”

Here are more benefits of personally learning SEO tips and tricks than hiring a third party:

1# You can elaborate more about the topic

By learning SEO guidelines, you can discuss a topic naturally without the fear of losing its integrity for better optimization. Somehow, knowing what your article should look like would help you strategize on how to write it.

2# You can freely express your own unique ideas

Nobody knows your stuff better than you do. I do admire and respect the SEO copywriters that I hire for their professionalism and expertise, but there are times when I get frustrated if the resulting article loses fidelity with my intentions. Being your own SEO expert helps maintain a stream of thought consistent with your site’s objectives.

3# You don’t have to rely on other’s research

Learning SEO will help you discover its art by yourself and not just by secondhand expertise. This will help you realize its significance all the more, so that the strategies used in your articles will come out instinctively and not awkwardly forced.

4# You can have full authority over your website

Your productivity will increase if you can produce optimized articles in just one sitting. When SEO was still fresh to me, I hired an SEO copywriter to check my site’s progress. Through time, I made less and less mistakes in the content. When I tried working on link building next, I had fewer consultations with my copywriter and eventually gained full control over my website.

5# You can save money

Based on experience, hiring an SEO copywriter can accomplish the job quicker, since I can focus on producing articles and leaving everything else to my copywriter. However, after learning SEO, the payment I used to give to copywriters are now allotted to other major services I need for my website. Earning online is not as easy as it seems, so try to expand your resources in order to maximize your earnings.

Here are some samples of web pages with amazing copyright:

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So if you’re planning to be a copywriter yourself, you’d need to imbibe the passion for this craft before you work on mastering it. Like they say, it’s always best to know what you will be doing to minimize the risk of errors. Copywriting basically dwells on reinventing content into a version that is easily relatable to the general audience. Copywriting not only improves the quality of your article, but also increases its functionality for your online business.

Importance of SEO Copywriting

Importance of SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting delves on improving content based on the combination of basic quality standards and SEO guidelines. Hence, it aims to develop articles relevant to its intended readers. It uses keywords, link building, indexing, and promotion efficiently, so that your article can surpass other related articles populating the search engines.

So whether you have been convinced of doing SEO by yourself or you opted to hire a professional for it, here are some instances where SEO copywriting can be beneficial for you:

1# Creating or having your own blog

SEO copywriting is a good way to increase traffic for your blogs and websites. This way, your AdSense ranking shoots up and you’ll have more opportunities to earn income while broadcasting yourself.

2# Writing posts for others’ blogs or websites

Since your content is optimized, guest posting on other websites can be a viable option for you. Other website owners are assured of the functionality of your content; therefore, your posts can become an asset to their websites. In the same way, you can broadcast yourself to the regular traffic coming in their website to increase your visibility. Furthermore, link exchange also affects your rankings greatly.

3# Formulating friendly content for your posts

SEO copywriting guarantees to grab the interest of more readers, as well as create articles that would be easily accessible for your niche market through various search engines.

4# Using your keywords like a ninja

Before, keyword stuffing was a strategy used to increase website rankings. However, search engines saw its disadvantage. Through algorithm changes, search engines eventually posed a challenge for webmasters to use their keywords effectively.

SEO copywriting prioritizes producing quality content without letting the keywords appear forced into the article. Basically, the practice ensures that your articles follow SEO guidelines in the most effective way possible.

5# Capturing your reader’s attention

As mentioned, the focus of SEO copywriting is not just on strictly following SEO guidelines. It also sees the importance of sustaining the intrinsic ingenuity of your work to attract readers.

6# Writing posts the organic way

In the online community, “organic” methods refer to availing a service without monetary payment. By means of SEO copywriting, you can advertise your websites by increasing your SERP ranking—all for free. All these are achieved through SEO guidelines on search terms relevance.

In the SEO industry, they say “content is king.” If you want your website to increase its rankings and traffic, consider the benefits of including SEO copywriting to your online marketing strategies.

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