Do you want to share a news or an interesting offering to you customers? Do you want to make it real-time? Well, the push notification may help. It’s faster than your usual email campaign.

First of all congratulations on being on the world’s most popular CMS framework WordPress. For your information, WordPress is powering more than 17 million websites over the internet. And it’s dominating the CMS category with over 58% of market share.

What is Push Notification?

If you are not aware with push notifications, the push notification trend was started with the mobile devices. Especially with Android and iOS devices. How does it work? You compose the desired message, pick your subscribers and hit the send button. As soon as your press the send button all your subscribers receive the notification instantly.

The technology upgradations have made the similar push notification possible on desktop web browsers as well. The process remains the same but the implementation differs. This article is all about that procedure to make your website equipped with push notifications.

A push notification system in place may help you boost your business conversion. The report says a well formatted personalized message will make a better impact and may help you boost conversion. You may want to limit the push notification frequency to 4-5 notifications a week may be.

The process overview

There are many push notification providers in the market to make our job easy. To make things easy and clear I will show you the integration process with PushCrew. You can choose any provider of your choice. The OneSignal might be a good alternate.

The process is very simple three step process:

  1. Account setup
  2. Plugin installation
  3. Trial run

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This is pretty much it. By following the three steps your WordPress website will be equipped with push notification. Let’s see the each step in detail now.

Account setup

Before we proceed with any further you may need to setup an account with push crew. The process is very easy, visit signup page and create a free account. The free account helps you add up to 500 subscribers. I hope it’s enough to start with.

Once you account setup process complete, you will see a dashboard something like an image shown below:

Dashboard Image

As we just have created an account so obviously we don’t have any subscribers yet. And that’s the reason it shows a count of zero for subscribers. Below the page you find an integration guide for two popular CMS WordPress and Joomla!.

Plugin Installation

We have created an account in the previous step. Not it’s time to add the required plugin to your WordPress website. The process of adding plugin is same like you do for other plugins. Go to Plugins, click the Add New button. It will bring a new page, find the plugin search on the top right corner. Write PushCrew and hit search and install the plugin. If you need here is the detailed procedure.

Detailed procedure:

Login to your WordPress admin area. Now click the plugins from the left navigation panel. Select the Add New plugin option. It will bring a new page listing most popular plugins. Find the search bar on the top right corner of the page. Write PushCrew and hit the search button. It will show you a list of plugins matching your search terms like an image below. Hit the Install button, once the installation completed hit the Activate button.

PushCrew Plugin Listing

Getting PushCrew Account ID

We will need an account id later part of plugin configuration. The process of finding account id is pretty straight forward.

Account ID

Login to your PushCrew account. It will load the dashboard. Hit the Account Settings under the Settings category. You will find the Account Id printing on the right side of the page.

Plugin Configuration

It’s time to configure the plugin on your WordPress website. Login to your WordPress admin and hit the PushCrew link under the Settings from left navigation panel. It will bring you a new page like an image below:

PushCrew setting

You need to enter the account id we discovered in the previous section. Enter the account Id and hit the save button. You now have configured your WordPress website with push notifications.

Trial Run

We have configured your website with push notification, so the technical part is nearly complete but we need to make a trial run to make sure everything is working just fine. Let’s do it by adding a mock subscriber!

Ask for Push notification subscription

How to add subscriber?

So, we have everything in place, you may have a question that how would you add a subscriber? It’s an automated process, you don’t need to do anything! Your website will automatically ask for a push notification subscription once your website loads. If a user says YES then he/she will be added to your subscriber list.

Ask for Push notification subscription

So, open your website in a new browser. Wait till your website loads and wait for the push notification subscription prompt. Hit the Allow button. Again hit the Allow button on the newly opened window. And it should now add you to the subscriber list.

Send push notification

So we have everything in place, created an account, setup our website push notification, added the first subscriber and the last step is to send the push notification and test the entire system. You can login to PushCrew admin panel and send the message to your subscriber. Let’s cover it in detail now.

Push message to compose

Login to your PushCrew account. You will see a Send Push notification button on the left panel. Hit that button. It will open a page like an image above. The rest of the process is easy, you need to enter the basic inputs like title, message, and URL.

Notification message breakthrough

The push notification message is basically divided into three parts as you can see in the image below. Your company logo on the left is the first section. The title on the right top will be the second section. The message text on the right will have the maximum height is the third section. And the URL at the bottom of the image will be the last fourth section.


Adding push notification is an easy task. If you follow the steps properly you can set it up under five minutes. And push notifications may help you optimize website’s conversion rate. Additionally, It helps you get your reach to your subscriber’s computer in real-time.

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