After the long awaited Penguin 4.0 update the dust is finally setting down. Though these changes are not drastic but one thing is clear that SEO is ever changing and it’s getting more and more competitive to rank on top.

The web designers and developers have to work together for forming website that are SEO friendly, stimulate conversions and engage your target audience. You have to invest in large amount for creating user friendly website with eye catching designs. This unique user experience can help in inspiring viewers to turn into loyal brand advocates.

The following tips will guide you in having a successful web development.

1# Selecting Domain and Host

Domain & Host

There are plenty of domains available to choose from but the most famous ones are Google and Yahoo. You need to select a domain that reflects your brand in the right manner. The right brand name incorporated with combination of SEO increase the chances of getting located in the search engine results.

The important factor while comparing hosting package is your business niche. You need to address the following questions

  • Do you want your website to be media rich with presentations, images and videos?
  • Do you want a reliable support from your hosting provider or have a technical support in-house?
  • Are scalable solutions offered to you by the hosting company?
  • Ask about the additional features and backup security that is being offered to you?
  • Always research about the host company’s performance on various social platform before reaching to any conclusion.

2# Clean Design with Effective Color

It is important to have a appealing and clean design. A quality design is easy to comprehend together with intuitive navigation. This will even help in engaging customers to your brand value rather than having distracting graphics. This even helps in encouraging customers to return to your website.

Different colors have different ability to evoke various response. A web designer need to keep in mind the business niche, branding and target audience. Choose the right color that your target audience can respond to. Keep in mind the following points

  • Is same logo and branding color scheme is pleasing to look at?
  • What kind of brand voice you want to establish either spunky and bright or calming and professional?

3# Branding

Branding is the most important factor for businesses irrespective of the size. The placement and design of your brand’s logo will form the overall opinion of the viewer. An apt location on the site such as upper left corner where the eyes are naturally start with scanning will help in solidifying your brand’s identity. With the consistency in branding, customers have a memorable and integrated brand experience.

4# Functionality

There are few matters you need to address when it comes to functionality.

  • Are you facing any broken links or loading issues?
  • Are the security features sufficient for business requirements?
  • Review your website features from user’s perspective.
  • Is your survey, contact forms and customer feedback sections working in a proper manner?

Any of the above issues can prompt customer to leave the website.

5# Navigation

Customers are never interested in visiting website that is difficult and confusing to navigate. An in depth review is required from the perspective of a new visitor to increase the efficiency. You can streamline your navigation by eliminating under-performing pages to reduce the load time and improving the quality of online presence.

6# Usability

The usability of your website can be increased by displaying service and product information in a concise and clear manner. Always include all the required features that helps in easily accessing the website.

  • Do your viewers have to hunt for opting for subscribing option.
  • Is the website layout encouraging further interaction and social sharing?

Keep the following points to optimize the usability of your website.

7# Call to Action

Placing CTA at the right place can help in encouraging customer engagement. A friendly CTA demonstrates that you are willing to develop relationship with your customers.

  • This way you will engage your customers in a better way.
  • If the visitor is just discovering your brand then encourage them for subscribing to your  newsletter.
  • Make your loyal customers participate in the loyalty rewards program.

8# Balanced Fidelity

Medium fidelity is the correct answer if you are going for a rapid design and development, paired with textual outline on both the sides to have a better understanding of the UX behind features.

Make sure to have a call to action on each single page for effective response from your customers.

These seven most important aspects will help in increasing traffic and generating leads. Make sure to review your website on the above discussed factors of web development to ensure that your website has the required tools for being successful.

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