Expanding your referral business is not an easy process. While you can engage in the “make-it-and-they-will-come” strategy, anyone who is in business knows that the process of getting new business referrals requires active preparation and execution.

Most small business owners will agree, word-of-mouth referrals are the leading avenue where consumers discover a business. If you were to take a survey, you would probably find that the most successful tool for marketing is friends and family referrals.

You must have a referral process in place if you want your business to continue in growth. Establishing this process sounds easy in theory, but there are a few details that stand in the way for many business owners.

Bradley Shaw from dallaswebsitedesign.com gathered these seven great tips to earn more with asking for referrals.

1. Running into Hurdles

Running into Hurdles

At the top of this list is personality. It takes a lot of confidence and self-motivation to ask someone who just engaged in business with you to bring their family and friends in the picture.

The second setback is a tactical one, and that is dealing with your process and approach. Both are more of a trial-and-error obstacle to overcome, but a hurdle nonetheless.

The third hurdle comes into play when you have got an individual willing and ready to help, but they lack direction in what your expectations are of them.

These three hurdles, when adequately addressed, are the three secrets to assist you with launching your referral business. The following are resolutions to help you get started.

2. Defeat Your Doubts and Get Started

Whether the struggle with asking or you find yourself postponing out of fear, the longer you put off incorporating a referral strategy, the longer you are stalling on gaining new customers.

Add asking for a referral part of your routine. With most situations, there is a final conversation with the customer, here is the perfect time to ask for a referral.

To help gain the confidence that many small business owners fail to have, work towards putting yourself into the “referral mindset.”

Asking your clients and customers for testimonies, recommendations, and referrals, is an excellent way to share your service or products with new customers.

One of the most rewarding methods of getting a steady stream of new customers is to generate a habit of asking for a referral.

3. Reach Out to The Right People

Reach Out to The Right People

Before you begin to draft your email template, you need to establish a list of people you are going to reach out to and what approach you plan to take. You may choose to reach out to just a few customers, or you may have intentions of drafting an extensive list. Either way, you need to be conscious about whom you ask.

You should keep track of your customer feedback to determine the clientele that is satisfied with what you offer. It is vital that you understand which clients are happy with your service/products.

These customers are likely to be glad to provide you with an excellent recommendation and be willing to refer you to their family and friends.

The customer base you reach out to should be those that have experienced a positive relationship with you. Moreover, are happy to refer you to people who trust their word

4. Ask at The Best Time

When is the right time to invite clients to your recommendation program? There is never a right or wrong answer to this question. There are, however, better opportunities that you will have to make your case. At these moments are when you need to apply your approach of asking for a recommendation.

When you take advantage of at moments such as this, you are generating an overall benefit of gaining new customers. You want to make it as simple as possible. That means not making it seem like a complicated process. Deciphering the time that is most convenient is the key.  

5. It Should Happen Naturally

Asking your customers, friends, and family for a referral should be a natural process. It should never be the first thing you begin a conversation with by any means.

No one wants to be hit with you asking them to do something the first few minutes of meeting or engaging in a conversation with you. If the approach you use is instantly a sales attempt, chances are you lost that person.

When you start with “do something for me,” it will appear as though the only reason you are spending time with that person is to gain something for yourself.

Requesting a referral is about timing– the right timing. It is a technique that can do a lot for your company. The primary purpose is to transform people into buying customers.

Referrals are so dominant in expanding businesses that it is two times more efficient than a brand’s website. That is quite impressive.

No one will recommend you provide a service or product that he or she themselves have forgotten. You need to ask customers and clients for referrals and recommendations when they are getting benefit out of their investment in you. That means asking at the right moment.

6. The Best Time to Ask Is When They Are Happiest

The best time to introduce your referral details is when your patron is their happiest. Situations such as the customer may have just had something installed, or recently purchased what it is you offer are prime examples. Here is when you need to listen and pay attention to comments regarding their stance on the service or product.

Did the client comment on how happy they are with what you offer? If so, here is where you should ask them to join your referral program.

How you propose the invitation is up to you. However, being pushy is never a good idea. Usually, in these light circumstances, someone will agree to join your plan, and at times even suggest a name or two right away.

7. Other Inviting Moments

Aside from asking clients for referrals, you can make the request a few different ways. You do not always have to present your offer when you are face-to-face with your customer.  

There are times when it will be better to remind them or mention it later informally through these avenues:

  • Follow -Up Emails
  • Phone Calls
  • Social Media Post
  • Business Cards
  • Email Signatures

Although these are passive ways to extend an invitation to have your contact refer their friends, each technique has a proven record of being effective. Determining your strategy to ask for a referral can be trying. Knowing when to approach the topic is the key, especially if you are face-to-face with the person.  


Your “ask” should be as natural as possible and at the right moment. This moment will vary from person-to-person and will depend on when they seem happiest.

Pay attention to your customer for signs letting you know they are satisfied with what it is you have to offer. Moments such as when they are thanking you for your service is a prime opportunity. It is at any time the consumer acknowledges the value of you, your products or your company.

Referrals are the life force of most small and medium-sized businesses. Whether you’re a salon owner, realtor, or loan officer, getting new referrals are the same:

  • Happy customers are glad to help you
  • The best time to seek referrals is right after your customer has received value from you
  • When you have someone ready to help you, you need to be prepared to direct them
  • Drafting an email to send after a sale is important for referrals


What sort of procedures have you created for generating referral business? If you find that you are not getting referrals from your customers, you are missing out on a lot financial gain, and this is where I can help.

You should be getting referrals daily, and if you are not, you should evaluate what it is that your website is lacking. I want to help you succeed. For this to happen, we need to look at the many ways I can improve your ROI. Are you ready? I am.

I have over two decades of experience in the strategy of asking and receiving quality leads and referrals. Are you ready to take your company to the next level? Contact SEOexpertBrad today to get the clientele you want and deserve.

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