Getting a new customer is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining a current one. For service-based businesses, this is an easy-to-accept-and-use statistic, but for e-commerce and retail, it’s a little harder to utilize.

Getting returning customers can help keep your profits steady over time. That in turn will increase the likelihood they will recommend you to others, and better reviews. Here are some different tactics to help get repeat customers to your business.

Offer Products That Synergize

Just because customers have purchased a product from you doesn’t mean all of their needs are met. Especially if you offer a wide variety of products, don’t stop marketing to a customer just because they have made a purchase.

As they go through the buying process, try to get their email addresses. Over time, you can send them information about other products that might interest them, or even ones that can synergize well with what they already bought.

If you don’t have that email address, you can also include print advertorials when you ship the product that detail other goods and services you provide that could bring more benefits. This can include disposables that are used with your product or add-on products. For example, if you sell a water purification system, additional filters are the type of disposables customers will need eventually.

Making customers aware you sell other products they might like can encourage them to check your business before competitors. This can help if you especially sell high quality products that people are happy with.

Incentive Programs

Incentive programs aren’t restricted to just sub sandwich shops and coffee joints — you can offer them too. It’s especially useful if you offer a variety of goods or provide products that have to be reordered on a normal basis.

A good incentive program gives useful discounts and rewards to regular customers without ruining your profits. This can include customers getting a free product for purchasing a certain amount of goods, or a discount for buying items in bulk. If you have a large base of regular customers because you are constantly offering new goods, you could even let them earn in-store cash with each purchase that could be used towards future purchases.

If you are looking for more referrals, an incentive program could play to this well. By simply using referral codes, you can offer discounts to both the referrer and referee. That can lead to more new customers, and if an existing one has a discount to use, they’ll feel obligated to use it.

Social Media Connections

Social Media Connections

Staying at the top of your consumers’ minds is essential to getting them back to your site. The best way to do so is by being part of their social media. After they make that initial purchase, invite them to connect on your social channels.

But don’t just invite them — show them. Have examples of helpful, entertaining and rocking content to show what customers what they can expect. Then, have that amazing content they want to see.

That way, customers want to follow your pages and explore all of the amazing content you’ve produced. This gives you a platform to inform them of new products and be seen on a regular basis.

Look to interact with customers on social media. It shouldn’t be a one-sided conversation where you throw content at them;  look for ways to engage. Showing a personality, replying back to comments, and being a normal person can go a long way to making a lasting impression on customers.

Killer Customer Service

People hate having to work with customer service. If something goes wrong with a purchase, and they can find any kind of fault in the customer service experience, it’s likely they won’t ever work with that business again if they can help it.

Have good, friendly service reps who can get stuff done. Ideally, a customer should only have to contact customer support once to get an problem resolved. Make the experience as pleasant as possible and even try to make it fun.

Good customer service is so rare in today’s world that having amazing workers and getting results immediately could transform an unhappy customer into a fan for life.

Give Features They Want

Give Features They Want

Sometimes, getting repeat customers comes down to providing a feature or service alongside your product that competitors just can’t do. Learning what these features are, marketing them, and ensuring they stay top quality can keep people coming back time and time again.

Often, these features can make the difference between a potential customer choosing you or choosing a competitor. Features that have now become commonplace once started as these unique offerings that kept customers coming back for a long time. This includes free fast shipping, 24/7 customer service, or being able to track their packages. Now, these unique features have become expected since customers have gotten so used to them.

Find that next feature your audience doesn’t even know it wants. That could range from having a chatbot that can curate their shopping experience to personalization options with your products. Provide something that changes the shopping experience with your business for the better.

Helpful Content Marketing

Content marketing can be used to not only attract new customers but keep current ones coming back to your site. Post-sale marketing is an underutilized strategy, especially since people already trust your business enough to make a purchase. The key to pulling this off is making helpful content for people who have already purchased your product.

This content can range from tutorials for using your product, to just helpful advice that falls in your wheelhouse. That way, you can continue to be an authority source for them and help solve their problems. That in turn will keep them coming back to your site over time.

To do this properly, you’ll need to map out a strategy for what people are looking for after a purchase and how you can lead them to your other products. This content should loop them back into a new marketing funnel for different products and put them on the path for another purchase.

Combine this practice with your social media campaign, and you can not only stay connected with customers but encourage them back into other marketing funnels as well. Just be careful not to flood your social media with promotional content back to your site and maintain that safe 80/20 split.

Don’t just ignore your customers or only focus on harvesting reviews from them. Engaging current and previous customers is a wonderful way to boost your sales. By cross-selling and upselling them, especially if they like your product, you can vastly improve profits. By including the above tactics, and finding ways to include customers in your current strategies, you can definitely keep them coming back for more.

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