Is your website a powerful and important part of your business? It should be the hub of your marketing efforts, pulling in prospects and making them want to do business with you. Yes, turning prospects into customers, immediately or down the line, is important to your business. And your website should be helping you do that 24-7!

In fact, the number one missed opportunity by businesspeople having a website created or redesigned is thinking it’s just a digital brochure or something to “look good” online.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your website:

  • Do you have a call-to-action? Without one you’re practically inviting site visitors to walk away from your site.
  • Is your site customer-centered? Customers are looking for you to help them. So be sure your website talks about what you can do for them.
  • Do you collect information from visitors? Browsers today may be customers in the future, but how will you know? Find ways to collect email addresses or make social media connections so you can keep in touch.
  • Do you have a modern, efficient design? It’s important that your website does a professional job of representing your business.
  • Does your website build confidence? Testimonials from satisfied customers will help prospects want to join the club.

Hey, have a Look at Arkam

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Your website can do so much more than look good. It has the potential to help you build your business. It can bring you more leads, more sales and help you engage with your customers every day.

Of course, not all websites do a good job for their business. But don’t despair, I can help. I’ve identified five ways your website is losing you customers — and 5 easy fixes.

5 Ways Your Website is Losing Customers

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