With so many new technologies and latest devices, the world of SEO has been redefined completely. People are getting more specific with the ways they use for searching earlier. Enterprises have realized the fact that SEO is much more important than any other web process to mark the brand’s image in the minds of the intended audience. This is the reason they are making huge investments in online marketing strategies especially digital marketing.

For successful marketing, diversified content won’t alone work. The focus needs to be shifted on the usability over different mobile devices regardless of their screen sizes. Gone is the time when relying on web presence was enough for promotions and branding. Digital presence and web related activities have become a norm on several platforms, and these things won’t alone help for gaining a competitive edge.

In order to get the topmost position and stay prepared for the next golden opportunity, you should know the latest SEO trends that may change the game in 2016:

1. Mobile Search Won’t Lose Its Place

Mobile search has maintained an equal pace with the desktop search in volume, and there is no look back for this trend. In fact, it has been estimated that mobile searches will soon outgrow the desktop searches. In the modern-day scenario, credit goes to the improved capacity of the mobile user, speedy networks, and a variety of websites that foster mobile-friendly design, mobile web has made future of native apps look gloomy.

This trend is progressive, and within just one year of time span, it will be referred in general. Needless to say, a majority of websites will be designed keeping mobile in mind. And the websites that aren’t mobile-optimized will end up adding clutter to the web. A mobile-friendly design has already gained a place in the Search Engine Algorithm of Google, and in near future, it will be the most critical part of search engine criterion.

2. Search won’t be Any More Keyword Based, Intention Will Matter

Are you still using the traditional Keyword-based research method? You need to upgrade. The type of interactions you have with the websites will now help search engines to access your intentions and sort down the most relevant results. The search will be intuitive, saving a lot of time and efforts of users.

3. Voice Search Will Rule over Text Search

Despite the fact that voice search is the newest block of the search engine puzzle, its popularity is really surprising. It won’t be wrong to say that increasing use of mobile devices has played a major role in it. Voice search will gain much more momentum as people will get an immediate answer to their queries – be it about location, directions etc- without having to type.

Google is planning to add voice search feature in apps too. This is predicted to increase the volume of web searches as everything will be smoother and faster. And, this change will be impactful on the users who browse the web on their mobile devices.

4. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Will Help Formulating SEO Plans

Conversion Rate Optimization has become quite an important identity to focus upon as there are numerous users who stay online, but don’t get involved in any kind of activity. This indicates a huge difference between the traffic driving on a site and conversions. And, it is simply not good for any business.

Businesses are finding ways to reduce this difference and evaluating their performance on the basis of conversions.

5. Interactive Content Will be Dominant

Interactive content doesn’t necessarily means organizing questionnaires or quizzes. It is rather delivering the content on the basis of response your brand or any post is getting from the user. For example- if a user is not satisfied with anything in the content you posted, you need to provide complete information or related Infographics that can demonstrate the things much more clearly.

If you can keep up with the all these trends, you will definitely gain a dominating edge over your competitors. And to maintain your position in the market as well as search engines, you have to stay updated with the marketing trends introduced on the regular basis.

Consistency, accuracy, and creativity are the basic rules to lead in the digital marketing world.

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