It doesn’t matter if you’re simply learning to code, trying to improve your skills or you’re looking for a full-time job as a developer, you will need the right tools for the job. When you’re a developer, your skills are the most important set of tools you have, but there are some other things you need to understand if you want to become an excellent developer.

We did a bit of digging around and we’ve come up with these skills we think every developer should have. As a developer, you will have to learn to adapt and work in a team, so it’s perfectly natural that you will need something else to complement your coding skills if you are to evolve. So, without further ado, here are just some of the skills you should work on as a developer.

Problem-solving Skills

Every developer can tell you that the biggest part of their job is finding the right solution for a specific problem. Whether they get to solve a major issue, or they have to work on a variety of smaller problems, developers are faced with problem-solving every day.

Most of the companies that hire developers give them difficult tests which can prove how good a developer really is with problem-solving. The most surprising fact is that there are a lot of developers who are really bad at this.

There is a lot of talk on what the developers should do to improve their problem-solving skills, but some of the possible solutions to this issue could be online training courses. There are loads of great websites where you can test and practice your problem-solving skills, and some of them are completely free. You will need to do some researching, but that research by itself will be a step closer to mastering problem-solving.  You can always hire a professional to help you out, but you will gain much more if you learn how to deal with issues on your own.

Problem-solving Skills

People Skills

One of the issues most developers face is how to deal with people. As a developer, you’ve probably spent quite a lot of time expanding your coding skills and logical thinking. However, people are not always logical, based on the fact that we are emotional beings. Now, unless you’re developing software for yourself and by yourself, you will have to work with other people in order to advance as a developer.

What you should do is focus on proactivity. It may seem a bit challenging, but becoming more dynamic in your professional surrounding can definitely influence your career in a positive way. Be positive and get involved with the development communities. Try to be nice, and nice things will start happening to you.

There are some great books on how to master people skills, so you might give them a try. At the end of the day, you will get to feel better about yourself and you will evolve as a developer.

Staying Up to Date

Following the trends is something you should take very seriously when you’re working as a developer. With the technology advancing so quickly, and with the internet evolving, you are somewhat forced to follow the latest things in the world of development, in order to stay relevant.

This shouldn’t be so hard, as it gives you a detailed look at what’s going on with the industry and what the next big thing might be. Whether you decide to visit some relevant expos and conventions, or you simply decide to contact a professional website developer to help you modernize your website and learn about the trends, you need to stay in the loop.

Again, doing the research and finding the best solution for what you’re looking for is essential. Get involved and your career as a developer will soon skyrocket.

Time Management Skills

For better or worse, quite a lot of software and website developers are working remotely. Whether as freelancers and digital nomads or as full-time employees or contractors, remote developers have to learn how to manage time and tasks in the best possible way.

When you’re a developer and you’re working remotely, you are somewhat without supervision. Even though this gives you a lot of flexibility in almost any other aspect of life, you have to learn how to manage your workload.

It can be easy to forget how serious your job is when there is no one to rely on anywhere nearby. That’s why you should focus on decision making and time management. Don’t be a slacker, and don’t waste time, with some organizing and planning, you can master time management with no trouble at all.

Time Management Skills

Work-Life Balance

Developer’s job is never easy. It’s filled with different problems and issues, and let’s be frank – when it comes to debugging, almost every developer starts biting nails. When you’re faced with a lot of deadlines and all-nighters, your stress levels increase and the anxiety kicks in.

We all know how those things affect your productivity, so what you need to do is try to pace yourself. Make sure you have enough time for yourself and your personal needs. Don’t overwork yourself, as it can seriously endanger your health.

Make sure you are maintaining a good work-life balance, and you will be surprised by how much good can it do to you. And if someone tries to tell you that you are wrong and that the developers simply have to do the grind every day – just avoid them. Your long-term health will prove them wrong.

Wrapping It Up

As a developer, you are faced with a lot of different challenges throughout your workday. Some of those challenges are easier to deal with, but some require other skills than coding.

Hopefully, this short guide helped you understand how you can acquire those skills, and how you can work on yourself to jumpstart your path to success. Make sure you are satisfied with what you do and you will have a fruitful career.

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