How do you compete with so much content from your competitors, bloggers, social media influencers, and so on? Grabbing – and holding – peoples’ attention can get difficult in a world where they are hit with amazing – and not-so-amazing – content from all sides. One of the ways that you can stand out? Quite simply, diversify your content and keep your audience hooked.

Why create more types of content?

Your audience is everywhere; they have different interests, different ages, different occupations and sometimes, they live in different countries, too. One type of content won’t be able to reach all of your target audience, so if you want to get as much traffic and as many leads as possible, one of the best ways to go about it is to provide them with content that is relevant to them.

Different content will bring in different people to your website, or your social media pages; it will help expand your audience and grow your traffic and leads.

Plus, diverse content keeps audiences interested and your customers returning for more. Reading one whitepaper after another might get boring after a while, but you can always throw in the occasional contest or quiz in your content plan. So, if your website is losing visitors, it might be worth looking into diversifying your content offering.

There are other benefits as well – more engagement, more exposure, and so on – but, let’s get into how to diversify your content successfully:

1. Create interactive content

If you want to attract more traffic and particularly, more engagement, one of the best (and surest) ways to go is to create some interactive content – either on your website, or on your social media.

Interactive content is incredibly successful at the moment, and has been for a few good years now. News outlets, brands, regular bloggers, and basically anyone providing content online, are incorporating more and more interactive content in their schedule, as it helps them get more engagement, more traffic and new readers, and, in businesses’ cases, they also attract more leads and help them retain more customers.

There are numerous types of content that can be turned interactive; from calculators and maps, to infographics and videos, you have plenty of options for diversifying your content.

Quizzes and polls are a great way to start; they’re easy to set up, they work with any niche and they are very popular amongst audiences, as they’re a fun way to lose a few minutes. To get you started, you can use a tool like Qzzr.

Other types of interactive content that you can create are calculators, maps, tests and infographics, among others. To help, you can once again use a tool, such as SnapApp for a selection of different types of interactive content, Guides for creating interactive guides, or Mapme for creating interactive maps.

2. Hold a social media contest

Since we’ve just been discussing interactive content, contests are another great way of diversifying your content.

Contests offer quite a few different benefits to brands; they can help get more traffic, more engagement (either on their website or on their social media page) and more leads.

In order for your contest to be as successful as possible (i.e. generate the most possible leads), you need to be strategic about your prize and your targeting.

Contests will always attract freebie-seekers, particularly if you offer a prize that has a wide appeal, such as a smartphone or tablet. Prizes like this will likely get you a lot more participants, and even more engagement and traffic, but ultimately, it won’t be the type of audience you need. They’re there for the prize and as soon as that’s done, they’ll most likely move and forget about you.

However, if you offer a prize that is highly targeted to your audience and closely related to your own products – or even better, one of your products or services – you’ll attract a highly-targeted audience that can prove to be high-quality leads. That said, you’ll most likely attract less participants than you would for other prices; but, isn’t a smaller, yet more targeted audience, more valuable than a large, but uninterested audience?

Once you’ve established the prize you’re giving away, you need to consider where you want to hold it; contests work particularly well on social media, but your website is a great choice as well.

To start creating a contest, you can use different apps and tools to help; for example, Agorapulse offer a variety of Facebook contest apps, for creating quizzes, personality tests, photo contests, sweepstakes, instant wins, as well as fan vote and coupons apps.

Another useful tool is Woobox, which provides tools for creating giveaways, instant win contests, photo and video contests, as well as quizzes and games.

Don’t forget to promote your contest on all the different platforms you’re on; promote on your social media channels, your website and blog, and use your email list to send them news about your contest.

3. More user-generated content

Talking about contests, it naturally transitions into user-generated content. What’s amazing about this type of content is that, for one, it helps diversify your content, without you having to actually create anything, and two, what more efficient way is there to market yourself, then by using your own audience and fans?

In recent years, many brands have employed user-generated content in their marketing campaigns to great success; just look at Apple’s long-standing “Shot on iPhone” campaign.

The company has been using photos made with Apple phones, by regular people and showcasing them in billboards all over the world, on TV and on social media.

No matter how small or big your business is, there are different ways of employing user-generated content:

  • Have your customers take images/videos using your product or your service
  • Create social media contests where participants will have to take images/videos if they want to take part


In order to be successful at content marketing, it helps to diversify your offering and keep up with all the latest content trends.

Customer trends are shifting constantly, as technology evolves, and this also applies to how they consume content – and the type of content they prefer to consume.

Successful businesses need to keep up with these shifts and trends, and right now, the trend in content marketing is clearly leaning towards interactive content. This can be a quiz, a game, a contest, or even having the fan create the content for you; whatever it is, the modern customer seems to want to be as involved as possible when it comes to content.

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